All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

All Saints Day November 2015

Bonnie A. Perry

This is the day, this is the day, when all parts of our lives: mortal and eternal come together, with the beginning, the end and the middle. 

We who are here,
with little ones in our arms
and flags that flutter above,
we are the middle.
The middle. Us.
We who are happy, tired, excited or anxious, bewildered, sad or glad
—we are the ones
who are holding
the beginning and the end together
as best we can.

This day, this Day of the Dead, this All Saints Day
—we in the middle—
are here to remember
the building blocks of the strands of our DNA.
These flags above, the women, men, and children named on these flags,
they are the biological codes
of who we are and how we came to be.
The people of our families,
the friends of our lives,
the giants of our culture,
they have made us.

They have offered to us, bits and pieces of their lives,
wisdom, insights and stories,
love and care.
These people who flutter above us tell the backstory of our lives.




Judy Traverso, and her mother and aunts, Bea Muhleman, Norma Haddleton, Mary Lassiter—without whom this place, this place of faith would not be.

The Rt. Rev. William Wiedrich, Bishop Suffragen of this diocese. He saw hope and resurrection in this place when no one, no one else beyond those doors did.

Cindy Waldron, who brought her young daughter, Hilary, here and made a home when very few others were making that choice.

We remember Saints of this place, Saints of our lives.

Esther Propst—miss you and love you
Daisy Propst—Think of you often and miss you.

Rosa Parks “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”

Harriet Tubman “I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person now that I was free.”

Thurgood Marshall “None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody—a parent, a teacher, an ivy league crony or a few nuns bent down and helped us pick up our boots.”

James Baldwin “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Janet Callahan—An Aunt like No Other. You kept my childhood alive in pictures and stories, and you loved us so deeply. Thank you for your wisdom and your beautiful laugh.

Dad I think I am becoming more like you as I get older. Wish I could ask your advice on things.

Chuck Doerr—I’m glad we danced at my wedding

Baby Eleanor—You were born too soon. Your family remembers you. Your twin brother will know about you.

Joan “the Queen” Steenhausen—Thank you for teaching me to speak. You’ll be glad to know I haven’t stopped since.

Grandpa Gould Your love for God was deep and evident. Thank you for sharing with us.

Nancy John Stone

Dear Uncle Eddie, Our family is not the same without you. Thank you for your generosity, your humor, your love. I hope and trust that you are singing and feasting with God.

Suella Henn—mentor, friend, sister in prayer & lover of God’s adventures. I can’t believe you’re gone. I think of you every day and am indelilibly glad for our short time together.

Lola Sherron—my aunt
Gloria—Dear Cousin and friend—hope the lemonade stand is doing well.

To Debbie—I miss sharing all of our memories; I miss your laugh and your love. Laurie down the street

Lily Lench—Tuesday night neighbor—we will miss you.

My mother—Bettie Joe Johnson born October 26, 1943—Died September 26, 2015

Mom I miss you Sparkle!!!

Melanie Fenton-Reichart, CPS Art Educator, Mother, Mentor Lost to Cancer too soon August 2015

John Michael Mroxzkowski Feb 1946- May 2015 Brother—uncle—Care provider—committee man, Art connoisseur, patron of the Arts, needlework artist, man of faith, friend

Ernie—the best dad! You taught me the importance of reaching out and helping others. Thank you. For sharing your beautiful heart with us! Love and Miss you.

Mom & Dad—Call me please.

Rita, Phipps & Mike my sister, my friend, my brother. I’m grateful for the gift of their lives. Peace to you now.

Wendy—the bunny: tomato, clover, noodles, flowers, apples, dandelion greens

Leo P Thornton Forever in our hearts. Beloved son, brother, nephew, grandson, patriot. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

Robert Welsh—my uncle Bob—ONE GOOD Man

Leonard Nimoy: Live long and prosper!

Carl I still miss you. Your loved ones are doing okay, but would be better with you xxoo

To the three timeless, wonderful people; you filled my life with so much. Not a day goes by that I don’t see your lovely faces and remember you fondly. Until we meet again: Dad, Mom and Moms: Nemecio Rivera, Celestina Rivera and Rick Hambel. I love you.

Karl Krause: Honorable, loving in pain. Please rest.

Grace Lee Boggs: Rest in Power

Dr. Sigmund Freud: Father of psychoanalysis. Champion of love and the dynamic unconscious…

Tom Lacy influential 5th grade teacher. Remembering you 40 years later.

Sofia and Gianna—Did you ever imagine the little seed you planted would grow to shelter so many nests? Thank you. 9:00

Grandma Ruth—These days you must be telling everyone in heaven how brilliant your great-grandson is. You always knew.

Henry Schoenstin, Maria Kazantsis Tikoff 9:00

Cheryl Dipenta—first female assistant V.P. of Bell Canada, who gave me courage

John and Winnie Irmen, Matthew Irmen

Nancy—best cat ever

Sweet Pea—are loved bunny from room 210

Sandra Bland and all other victims of police brutality and racism

Karl Lubenstein—Thank you for helping me figure out what kind of person I wanted to be and to come out and eventually find this church

Doug Beavan—always leave them wanting more

Good friends: Bernie, Sue, Earl, Dick, Butch, Homer, Bill, Bob, and Henry

Marigolde and Ken, My mom and dad, love and peace, Deb

Elaine, “Lainy” Garland—I know you are smiling down on the boys. Love you. Miss you.

Clara McCracken—Nanny you were such a strong woman, who was the center of our family. Fearless.

Gracen Harris July 2, 2009 to October 18, 2009

Charles and Lillian Mondi, Mary and Charlie Raucci

Winifred and John—Dance on 11:00

Robin Williams. Wow. Damn.

Linda Key October 11, 1953—May 16, 2015 Lunch Lady. Elvis Fan. Died suddenly not long before she had hoped to retire.

Victor Wernette 1920-2008 Grandfather, Farmer, Storyteller

Eleanor Knepper—beloved Aunt

Marilyn Wojciechowski July 14, 1931- December 13, 2004
Great cook, wrong way driver, and encourager of bad ideas. Faithful servant of God.

Margaret Harnden Jan 3, 1926- March 18, 2007 A fighter no matter what was thrown at her. Always wished the catholic priest that said her marriage wouldn’t last could have seen it last 62 years. She became an Episcopalian.

Guillermo Castro Good son, Good father and family man. Always in a good mood will always miss you and love you. God be with you.

Kathleen Chin—the voice in my head and my heart

Pete Seeger—your songs nourished generations

Julia—I think of you every day—your untimely death in South Sudan has left us all with grief and an aching awareness of how short life is

Paul & Minnie, Ruth and Mak: Ancestors of Renown

J. Norman Hildebrand “Superman”

Grandparents Chung—we miss you so much!

Warren S. Loud 1921-2010

Hugh Ambrose—Montana Southern Gentleman

Bob Cook Rector, Marine, Friend

Cassie Tiogloy, my beloved Aunt who raised me. Miss you, love you. This name:
“Ti-o-go-le” is the last in the line. Invented when my uncle emigrated from Sweden to avoid the law—there are no other Tiogoly’s in the world.

John Herman Kobs and Lauretta Kobs. We love you! Peter, Sarah, Julie

Nana Dwemoh, Baffour Adu-Owusu, Osei-Kwadwo, Gandmum

Bill, My father and my conscience—Bill Hartman Jr.

Magnolia, most loving animal companion who taught me patience, love, and strength to overcome adversities.

Grandpa: Ronald Ferguson 9:00

Troy Burris aka “Apple”. Took his own life, August 2015. I remember his as a happy guy. Rest in Peace “Surfer”

Grandma Madge

James Ward—Smart and generous dad. You are still missed and loved every day. You would have been an amazing grandpa. Love, Rich, Liz, Lilly and Julieete

Jean Ortlieb: Loving mother to seven children

Ruby Rosheuvel

Jane Varges, Diane Varges Thurlwell, Ann Mullin Renshaw

John Lennon and George Harrison

Robert Koehler Sr—Quiet man, WWII marine. Special Olympics sponsor, wrestling coach an inspirer of countless men. Beloved day and Grandpa

Bette—I miss harmonizing with you

Papa Roy, I love you and miss you

Helen Young, your little angel misses you

Derek Corbett: headmaster, teacher, saint

Frances Argento (if one person is looking down on us, protecting us, it’s her!) B 11

Community of artists: Molly, Julia, Erin, Russ

Number 14—Ernie Banks “lets play two”

Julian Bond—who said, “Violence is black children going to school for 12 years and receiving 6 years worth of education.

Percy Seldge—Former hospital orderly recorded, “When a man loves a woman”

Allison Parker, 27 Adam Ward 24 Virginia Journalists murdered during a live broadcast

The Rev Clementa Pinckney, 41, The Rev. Sharonda Coleman Singleton 45, Tywanza Sanders 26, Ethel Lance 70, Susie Jackson 87, Cynthia Hurd, 54, Myra Thompson 59, Daniel Simmons Sr. 74, DePayne Middleton Doctor 49 --sometimes it seems as if the second amendment is slaughtering the first amendment.

Amelia Boynton, 104 years old. Civil rights activist beaten my Alabama State Troopers on “Bloody Sunday” First woman to run for a seat in Alabama legislature A live well lived.

Judy Traverso Mom, Warden, so resilant, funny, lover of all things frogs, caring, difficult, loving, faithful, so smart, a saint of All Saints. I miss you.

This person has many names. “Loved one” “Aunt” “Nancy”. All names associated with one person. When she took her life, our family was devastated. No more afternoon visits that thrilled us. No more sitting on the living room floor on a Sunday evening playing cards or a board game. These are all memories that we’ve made. I just wish we could have made more. “Aunt” Nancy Gee—a loving person to all who she crossed paths with, whether young or old.

Grandma and Grandpa O Your love and witness to God’s goodness are still alive.

Tio Pancho Descanse en paz Lo queremos mucho Martinez H
Des-can-se en paz . Lo Quer-emos mucho

Uncle Tom It’s only now that I realize how hard, how hard your life must have been. I hope it is always Christmas where you are.

Grandma—I like to think I got some of my best bits from you—storytelling, party throwing, expectation denying and generally being a badass! 11:00

The people who don’t have anyone to remember them. You still mattered.

Mom—even though its been almost a decade now which seems impossible. Even though a lot of time has passed, I feel you closer than ever. I am continuing to strive
to be the person you’d hoped I’d be.

Eric Morse Rest in Peace In 1995 he got thrown out of a 14th story window.

Caroline, my mom’s really close friend. Had three children. Died in a car accident.

Any trans child who has taken their life. They are accepted in my eyes.

Aunt Jeannette I am glad I got to meet you before you died. I wish I could still swim in your pool that was a great summer.

My cat, Touque, you were the one who was always at the end of the bed

My great-grandma Jiji who was almost a 100 (my grandma’s mom)

Emily Williams Grandmother to all

For Uncle David, who served us Fresca in cut crystal glasses

For Granny and Bob bob

Mother Cooper—she was 80 and would not be trifled with

The mighty Ken Mauro

Mom, whose heroes were James Dean, John Lennon, Gandhi and Yoda. Thanks for all the popcorn.

Tracy, you’re so missed (Sorry I know you’d be horrified to be brought to church! But you did like a good party.)

Holly (December 1, 1972—October 9, 2015) Dear Holly, We wish you great peace. You were such a beautiful friend, mother, and now an angel. You left us too soon, yet provided everyone with wonderful memories. We’re here for your lovely girls Bella and Alex and your loving husband David. Until we meet again, we’ll always love you. Love, Vanessa, Dave, Aimee, Addison and Laila

Marie, You nurtured my love of folk-dancing and introduced me to Manhattans. I will always remember your love of life and your steadfast love of all your friends

Dad, thinking of you and your creative problem solving! Who else would get a cat out of a tree, 20 feet up the tree—by getting out the chainsaw. We miss you. Love Dave, Venessa Aime and Addison and Lailal

Carol Smith—missing you at our annual family pieogie making.

Evelyn Remick Russell—Born 1910 oldest of three daughters. Beautiful woman, loving grandmother, Great grandmother to Theodore Remick Herman, being baptized today. We love you.

Dear Lydia and Joe, we miss you and love you

George Stocking—mentor, dragon-slayer

Nemo—a disabled fish with a big heart. RIP RIP forever, Nemo Lilly Soystar

Dear Grandpa, We got a puppy after you passed. His nme is Spikey he is a shitzu and his birthday is on April 11. We got him in June. I miss you. Your granddaughter Maya A. T.

Blanch and Fred the best parents ever—dancing in heaven.

Mom, I miss you all the time. Langon has started asking about Nanna. All of the kids wonder about you. I hope they continue to want to know you. I miss you---Carole Sue Gallagher July 24, 1941-February 15, 1999

Peter—you are missed more than ever

I miss you Dan—the best ever musician dentist

Papi Edwards, Lamia Beard, Ty “Nunee” Underwood, Yazmin Vash Payne, Ashton O’Hara—all Trans people murdered

Nanny, miss how you gave us lots of candy—Love Eli
Michael Jackson, George Washington, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln

Allan Brooke Wetzel 1933-2003 We miss you dad

Sean Bell, Tarika Wilson, Aiyana Jones, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Jonathan Ferrell, Mike Brown. Unarmed shot down. Dead by police

Brett Keller Gorman—We shared dorm rooms, apartments, tents and thirty years of memories, replete with your infectious laughter. Losing you earlier this year was like losing a part of my past. I still can’t believe you are gone. It wasn’t supposed to go this way…pondering the stars in the night sky will forever remind me of you. See you by the campfire.

Janan Jaber 1954-2007 Iraq
I never met you; you were killed by unknown shooters while working for UNICEF in Baghdad. But your wife youlena inspires me everyday with her commitment to forgiven her fellow Iraquis who killed you.

Marion McKenzie Born 1929. Lived with incredible energy. Prayed with determination. Opined often. Listened even more. Would have been a wonderful grandmother.

Virgil Delaney Drunken Angel of Tuesday nights. Died December 2004

Ewald Nicholas Bednorz, 1931-2015 survivor of both Nazi and Communist totalitarianism—and all the children of the Second World War now at rest.

Peter Burke—Has it been a year already? I’m sure you are looking down on your granddaughter with much chagrin as she navigates Europe. We miss you Uncle Peter! --Shelly

Spike McKenzie—Sam runs like the wind. Ella sees like a poet. They both remember grandpa. Wish you were still around to watch them grow.

Grandma Clara Youngberg Finch—I wish you could see the boys. Anton is so much like Dad, it would crack you up. He’s always up for a party and a stranger is just a friend he hasn’t met yet. You would love him.

The “Greatest Grandma” Verna Stewart

Jackson Chance Meghie November 11, 2011—September 7, 2012 Remembered with love.

Caryn Berman Thanks for paying me to eat ice cream and teaching me countless other ways to love life. Your humor and wisdom will never be forgotten. Miss you every day. Love you.

Lynda—so sorry you could find no other way to end your pain.

Dad, I’m lost. I need a swift kick in the pants or a quick work of encouragement But you are not here. I miss you.

Al Osekavage—the Great engineer—such great pain and never complained. He even put up with Gen!

Jake Brewer 1981—2015 who fought for justice and love above all

Len and Betty Becker

John Schaefer—He loved the Texas Hill Country, West Point, the Army, engineering, history, a good chicken fried steak and Western Swing, but most of all his family especially his 4 “little” girls.

Grandpa Bill, I miss your smile and gentle kindness. You’d love Andy and our boys. I still eat chocolate cake on your birthday—and mine.

Don Featherstone, Creator of the pink lawn flamingo.

Our Tuesday neighbor Miss Ellie

#8 Lawrence “Yogi” Berra “Where do you want to be buried, yogi?” “I don’t know surprise me!”

Pop Fahey—he let me date his daughter.

Baby Strauch We think of you with love

Evelyn Waugh—What a writer!

Sweet Gus Kitty—I miss your sweet face and your quiet grace

Blair Perkins Grumman 1936-2003
Your curiosity about the world, your generosity of spirit and infinite love for children –yours and others is missed everyday

My lost tiny baby and the lost babies of so many sweet friends all wanted and loved and missed

Barbara stewart, Grace Hansa, Bruce Ward

Mary and Tommy Hughes—surrogate grandparents dearest friends.

Phyllis rippey
Frank Caleb
Stephen Mark b11

My sweet Aunt Cathy—godmother and chocolate buddy. I love you and miss you so much.

Boomer! You’re a good boy. Woof

Big-Hearted Skip Klatt & his parents Bob and Jane

My Best Friend, Elizabeth Woodworth 1962—1991 No one would have loved this all Saints Celebration better than she. I’m sorry she never saw it.

Baby Strauch—we think of you often

Charlotte Elizabeth Carman Foote—One year? Can’t believe its already. A princess named after you (at least we like to say that) weddings, celebrations you are missed and remembered fondly Love H, G & S

Genevieve Takach, Wilbur Thompson

Lucas Lawson, Charles Lassiter Williams

Michael Garay, Gershon Yang, Harry Berger, Yury Kanzburg, Anatoliy Mayshot, Sumar Adleman
Jews who survived the holocaust, lost their families and came to America to build new lives and new families. They died in 2015. 70 years after the end of the war. May their stories never be forgotten.

Bronson P. Clark, a Quaker peace activist who always said the only conversations appropriate at a dinner table were: sex, religion and politics.

Nate Boyden whose sudden and tragic death is not a part of God’s plan. It is a wound to be carried into the Kingdom.

Ron Guffy—thank you for raising my husband you would love the boys.

Jack Muldoon—“It’s Spring—maybe All Saints should try to buy your house.”

This day we baptize, Jane, Theodore and Nora and then we will begin to give them
bits of wisdom,
times of insight
and mountains of love---
so that we may be for them, as those who flutter above and been for us.

It’s All Saints Day—a day made for the beginning, middle and the end. A day made for all of us.


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Dear Friends,

This Sunday is the 21st running of the Ravenswood Run. Remember that we will not have our 8 or 9 o'clock worship services. We will, however, have our 11 o'clock worship service. People attending the 11:00 service will have rock star parking! I'll be preaching and Emily will be celebrating and our choir and Colin will be creating amazing music.

I'm currently attending a conference entitled, "The Unholy Trinity: Racism, Poverty, and Gun Violence." What stands out for me, in the midst of this Easter week, is how very intertwined are these three problems. All Saints has, at various times, invested efforts and money in each of these topics. Each is an enormous issue not readily solved. Yet it is clear that in order to live our beliefs and continue to move closer to the Reign of God, we must continue to address each of these issues and the inter-connectedness of each. In this time of Easter, as we relinquish despair, let us continue with renewed energy our work against this Unholy Trinity.

In our next step in this work, I invite you to join me and our staff as we celebrate parishioner The Rev. Martin Deppe's book Operation Breadbasket with a signing and discussion on Wednesday evening at 7:30. Martin was one of the founding pastors who brought the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King to Chicago. His book tells a portion of the Civil Rights History in the city of Chicago. There is much we can learn from our history to inform our future actions. Let us begin now.

Christ is risen from the dead. We can no longer be held captive by these bonds. One bit at a time, deeper and deeper still, I invite us to confront the evils of our world.

All the best,

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 

The Ravenswood Run is this Sunday! And it isn't too late to register to run.

Or, just come out and cheer!

The race steps off at 8am. And don't forget: there will be no 8am or 9am services this week.

Wednesday, April 26, 7:30pm All Saints' parishioner The Rev. Martin Deppe recently published the book Operation Breadbasket: An Untold Story of Civil Rights in Chicago, 1966-1971 

This is the first full history of Operation Breadbasket, the interfaith economic justice program that transformed into Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSH (now the Rainbow PUSH Coalition). Begun by Martin Luther King Jr. during the 1966 Chicago Freedom Movement, Breadbasket was directed by Jackson. Martin was one of Breadbasket's founding pastors. He digs deeply into the program's past to update the meager narrative about Breadbasket, add details to King's and Jackson's roles, and tell Breadbasket's little-known story.

On Wednesday, April 26, All Saints' will host Martin for a discussion and book signing. If interested you can purchase the book for under $19 using the code number on this attached flyer and just bring the book along for signing! Some copies will be available for purchase on the 26th, as well.

Tuesday, April 25 5:00-8:00pm

Have you ever wanted to volunteer (more) at Ravenswood Community Services but can't because you're, well, parenting? This Tuesday, April 25, childcare will be available in the nursery from 5:00-8:00pm so that you can get involved!

The best time to arrive is either around 5:00-5:30pm to set up the dining room and food pantry and put the finishing touches on the meal, or around 6:15pm to serve the dinner and clean up the dining room. Stay for as long or as little as you like.

Things to know:

  • While Goldfish and apple juice will be available in the nursery, we're not able to provide dinner.
  • If you'd like to contribute $5 or so toward the cost of the sitters, it'd be appreciated but is not necessary.
  • We hope to be able to continue to offer childcare one Tuesday per month, depending on interest.

Please RSVP to Emily by Monday morning 4/24 to reserve your spot.

Saturday, April 29, 2017 in the Parish Hall
Level I: 9:00-11:30am -- Learn how to keep our children safe from sexual abuse in the church and in our community. Parents of children and teens in our congregation are especially encouraged to attend. This session is mandatory for anyone working with our children or youth (or hoping to in the future!), clergy, staff, vestry, and persons providing care to home bound members of our community.

Level II: 12:30-3:00pm - How can we sustain healthy boundaries among adults in our community? How do we prevent the misuse of power as we minister to one another? How can we work together to safeguard the more vulnerable members of our community from emotional and sexual abuse? This session is open to all members of our community who are seeking to live into the fullness of our baptismal vow to "respect the dignity of all persons." Those working with Tuesday night guests would especially benefit from this workshop. It is mandatory for leaders of programs that minister to adults, clergy, staff, vestry, and persons providing care to home bound members of our community.

Level I will be facilitated by Norman Linde, social worker/therapist who has worked extensively in this area and is a certified trainer for KGPS. Level II will be facilitated by Chaplain Jeanne Wirpsa, also certified by the Diocese to teach this material.

Please register by Friday, April 21st so we can have adequate materials available. For further information & to sign up contact Jeanne Wirpsa via email or 773-316-6936 (cell).

Cinco de Mayo Style- May 6 at 6pm

What you ask, is 'What's Cooking at All Saints?' It is a chance for parishioners to come together to prep, cook, and eat a meal, with both adult and equally attractive non-adult beverages. It is a chance for a small group to talk, to get to know each other, and to share fun cooking tips and hacks.

We are looking for 6-8 individuals to join us in the All Saints' Kitchen on May 6 at 6pm. Food (carnitas and more, perhaps) and beverages provided.

Please email Joe Wernette-Harnden to get in on the fun.

Save the Date! May 12threalityf

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the Reality Fair! On Friday, May 12th, RCS will bring this powerful learning experience to the seventh and eighth graders at Ravenswood School once again, and you can get in on the fun. Not familiar with Reality Fair? It's a financial literacy challenge where students receive a fictional job and a paycheck and attempt to navigate real-world monthly expenses without going bankrupt. We need volunteers to serve as bankers, utility company reps, travel agents, car salesmen, financial counselors and more. It's a three-hour commitment you won't forget! 

To sign up, go to this Signup Genius link. If you have questions about the event contact Helen Poot or Jennifer Simokaitis.

To see Helen and Jen talk about the Reality Fair with Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries click here for the interview!

Individual Actions Towards Racial Equality

Volunteer Opportunities, Events, and Recommendations

(re)imagining: Racial Justice Summit Sponsored by YWCA Evanston/North Shore:

Thursday, April 6 from 6 - 8 pm
Friday, April 7 from 9 am - 4 pm
Unitarian Church of Evanston
1330 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL
Goal: "To bring people of all ages and demographics together to deepen their understanding of their own racial identities, develop skills to work for change, formulate action plans and engage with others."

For Information and Registration, click here

"The Scottsboro Boys" at Porchlight Theater through March 12th
A musical production that is getting rave reviews, "nominated for 12 Tony Awards, and presented in the style of the notorious "minstrel show", this true-life story of nine African American teenagers accused and put on trial in Memphis for a crime they did not commit is one America's most notorious episodes of injustice; inaugurating a wave of social changes leading up to the modern Civil Rights Movement."

For information and ticket prices, click here

Suggested reading, non-fiction: 
Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson, January, 2017

This book has been described as "...a provocative and deeply personal call for change. Dyson argues that if we are to make real racial progress we must face difficult truths, including being honest about how black grievance has been ignored, dismissed, or discounted."

Recommended as a "companion piece to the film rather than a stand-alone book." One reviewer recommended "seeing the film first, and then using the book for meditation and revisiting afterward."

Volunteer opportunity: GROWING HOME "We have a vision of a world of healthy people and communities. Everyone deserves to have a good job, and everyone deserves to eat well." Since 2002, Growing Home has trained and employed and, most importantly, given a second chance to people with employment barriers. You may be familiar with their Wood Street farm in Englewood. Their farms are the first and only USDA-certified organic high-production urban farms in Chicago, and because they strive to also feed their community well, all their produce is grown, harvested, cleaned, and sold within a 20-mile radius. Read more at

Volunteer opportunity: Non-profit Reading In Motion has successfully refined its mission over its 30+ years to help give kindergarten and first grade students foundational reading skills they need to start on a path for lifetime learning. They partner with public school teachers and have been extremely successful in making a difference in children's lives. Click here for more info.


We're running low on paper and reusable bags for our Tuesday night pantry. Please bring us your extras! 
We will be taking donations on Tuesday evenings, M-F 9am-4pm, and on Sundays during church services. Look for the bins by the doors. Thanks for your help!

 Sundays at 2pm

breakersbibleWe are very excited to announce that every Sunday at 2:00 pm, All Saints' offers something new at the Breakers - An Evening Prayer Service! Our first event was Sunday, December 4th, and went marvelously well - we had 13 attendees! Folks are very pleased that there's a Protestant service being offered in addition to the current choices (which are Catholic and Moody Bible.) The Prayer Service itself is printed in large print and in bulletin style with scripture taken each week from the Common Lectionary.

The weekly service starts at 2:00 pm, upstairs on the second floor Meditation Room, and lasts about 15 minutes. Please contact Paul Mallatt if you have questions, or comments at 773-860-4649. When you can, stop by the Breakers (5333 N Sheridan Rd) where the parking is free (for 2 hours), the coffee is hot, and the folks are friendly!


Jeff Lee
Dear Polly and All Saint's Kids,
I am writing to you from a meeting of the board of Episcopal Relief & Development in Bogota, Columbia. We are meeting here to visit some of our partner ministries with people in need. I have seen the amazing results of this year's bake sale (in fact, I'm looking at photos of some of the cakes - wow!), and you have reminded me that we don't have to travel to Columbia or South Sudan to make a huge impact for the good of God's people.
I am so proud and grateful for you and the work you do. You guys are heroes. Our friends in South Sudan will be blessed by your effort.
In Christ,
Jeffrey D. Lee
Bishop of Chicago

Sundays at 10am

The phrase Imago Dei means the Image of God. Specifically, the image of God as it is found in humanity. The image of God in us - it is what makes us spiritual people - valued as whole and complete. What does it mean to creatively live as whole people? How do we live in relationship with others - respecting and sharing one another's security and one another's discomfort?

Join us on Sunday mornings between services as we figure out together how to help one another take practical responsibility for living in this world - especially as racial and spiritual beings.

True - our time will be uncomfortable because it will mean talking about race, violence, personal helplessness, and personal failure. Also true - this will be comforting and supportive because it will mean getting to be honest, practicing together, and caring for one another.

Every week we will ask one another "What have you done in these past 7 days with who you are and within your sphere of influence when it comes to the realities of race?" the answers will be different for each person and it won't be a competition. We will be lifting up the everyday choices we make and don't make. Sometimes we will like what happens and sometimes we won't.

And - we will be doing it together.

The Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants served by the Iraqi Mutual Aid Society were deeply moved by the notes of welcome from All Saints. We shared them at our community lunch on Thursday, and now they will hang in our conference room to remind people of your warm welcome in the days to come. Thanks!

Laura Youngberg

breadbakersSignup online to bake for a month

Calling all bakers! If you love the smell of fresh-baked bread filling your kitchen, please consider signing up to bake communion bread for our services. This involves a one-month commitment that you'll share with another baker, and you can do all your baking at once and add to the reserves in our freezer.

Signing up is easy, just click here for our page on Signup Genius and reserve your favorite month.

Contact Jennifer Simokaitis, or Anne Ellis if you have any questions.

Yard Signs Available 

Grow Community has created yard signs for anyone who would like to display support for our local public high schools. Signs and sign holders are available in the Reading Room.



Tuesdays 6:15-8:00pm 


RCS is looking for help serving and cleaning up after dinner on Tuesdays from 6:15-8:00pm.
If you're able to volunteer, contact Emily or Operations Manager Parker Callahan, or call 773-769-0282.


helloDo you feel called to create an open, welcoming, hospitable environment at All Saints? Do you like meeting and connecting with people? Join the new Hospitality Ministry! Members of the Hospitality Ministry will help the clergy and vestry create a welcoming culture by greeting new members, engaging new faces at coffee hour, and helping connect new members of All Saints with our various programs.

Interested? Contact Diane Doran or Michelle Mayes. Include "Hospitality Ministry" in the subject line.

Our new Associate Rector, Emily Williams Guffey, is enjoying getting to know everyone in our congregation. Help her put names and faces together by adding yourself to our online directory!

If you are a member of All Saints' and haven't already registered for the directory, please contact our resident web guru Jim Crandall at and he will send a user name, password, and instructions.

Join the All Saints' Care Ministry! 

casseroleThe Care Ministry at All Saints' is a quiet one, simply providing meals after a new baby arrives, after surgery, during an illness. Because when life gets complicated, dinner is often the last thing on our minds--but sometimes a meal and visit from a friend is exactly what we need!

If you can provide a meal, give someone a ride, or run an errand once in awhile, please email You'll be contacted when a need arises and you can sign up to help at your convenience.


tinaParishioner, Tina Tchen, accepts Bishop Maryann Budde's invitation to preach at the National Cathedral Sunday, May 8. Click here to see the video.


Please consider supporting the restoration project of our historic building. To make a donation, click here

1883 Construction web 

This week’s stories of the bell tower: The beams and posts in the bell tower are being filled with epoxy and fungicide to prevent future insect damage and to restore their strength and integrity. Here are some photos of the work currently taking place. Everywhere you see white is where the post or beam is being rebuilt, restored and protected.
The blue hue in the photo is from the tarp surrounding the bell tower enabling Ron Young and his crew to continue working in the dropping temperatures.

Here is a collection of photos of the progress of our 1883 Project. Here is a collection of bell tower photos. Check back often for updates.

Sunday Service Times

8:00 am Inclusive Language Eucharist
9:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir
10:00 am Children's Church School
10:00 am Coffee Hour
11:00 am Holy Eucharist with Choir


Contact Us

4550 N. Hermitage in Chicago, IL 60640 (Directions)

Phone (773) 561-0111


Information about pastoral care.


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Bonnie on Huffington Post

Occasionally Bonnie's sermons are published on the Huffington Post. Here are some links.

Pain. Change. Hope.

November 15, 2015

What Does St. Francis of Assisi Have to Say to Us Today?

October 4, 2015

Wake Up Calls

September 6, 2015

Christmas Reminds Us That We, Like God, Are Human, Too

December 24, 2014

The Deep Sleep of Racial Oblivion: One Pastor's Sin of Omission

November 30, 2014

Pulpit Swap

The Pulpit Swap between St Thomas and All Saints is part of our ongoing effort to bring our parishes closer together as we engage in a conversation about systemic racism and how we can work together to forge new possibilities and outcomes.

Going Home—Changed

Pulpit Swap Sermon By The Rev Bonnie Perry of All Saints Episcopal Church on October 16, 2016.  

When Prayers Go Unanswered

Pulpit Swap Sermon By The Rev Dr Fulton L Porter celebrating at All Saints Episcopal Church on Oct16 2016.