All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is an integral part of our ministry here at All Saints’. As a community of faith we strive to support each other through life’s challenges and difficulties.


Our priests, Bonnie A. Perry and Emily Williams Guffey are available to visit you and to be present with you and your family members during times of illness, surgery, and hospitalization. In addition, they are available for pastoral conversations, crisis intervention, and can provide referrals for counseling and other resources as needed. Bonnie and Emily are also available to provide premarital counseling (required for marriage in the Episcopal Church), and to hear individual confession. If you are preparing for marriage, or if you are facing a challenge, crisis, or if you just need to talk, contact Bonnie or Emily or call the office at 773-561-0111.

Lay Chaplain Visitors

andreaheadAndrea Garlandlynnbowershead.min Lynn Bowersjohnhead.minJohn Sattelmaier

In addition to our clergy, All Saints’ has several Lay Chaplains who provide visits to homebound individuals, hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing home facilities. John Sattelmaier, Lynn Bowers, Andrea Garland, Lauren Erbach Barnfield, Ana Luz Perez Duran, Becky Duggan, and Paul Mallatt are all graduates of Bishop Anderson House, an Episcopal Lay Chaplaincy Program. They are available to make visits and to bring people communion on a long term basis.

caserrole.minLove on a Plate

Sometimes, after life gets a little more complicated (maybe after a new child or a stay in the hospital), dinner is the last thing on our minds. And sometimes, a dish made by a friend is exactly what is needed!
If you would like to sign up to receive meals for a handful of weeks from members of the parish after a life-changing event, please feel free to email us at We will be in touch to set up a calendar of nights when meals would be most welcome.

Love on Wheels

If you would like to sign up to receive a ride to church or a doctor’s appointment from members of the parish, please feel free to email us at We will be in touch to set up a calendar listing when rides would be most welcome.

Listening Group

The All Saints' Listening Group offers ministry of presence to any member(s) of our church family facing an important decision. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your career or you're deciding where to move or go to school. The Listening Group is happy to gather with you and provide a supportive, nonjudgmental space in which you can think through your questions more deeply.

Gatherings typically run for a couple of hours and are scheduled as needed. If you're interested in meeting with the Listening Group, or if you're looking to serve on the ministry, please contact Jess Howsam Scholl at

Join the Care Ministry Team

Can you provide a meal, give someone a ride, or run an errand once in awhile? Volunteers are always needed to be a part of the Care Ministry. Email to sign up. When a need in the parish arises, you will be invited to help at your convenience. The Care Ministry is coordinated by Margaret McCamant and our clergy.