About the Vestry

The All Saints’ Vestry is the governing body of the church and consists of eleven parishioners who serve staggered three-year terms. Two Co-Wardens, who serve staggered two-year terms, head the Vestry, and with the Rector, participate in leading monthly Vestry meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of each month. The Co-Wardens also play an active role in the congregational Annual Meeting in January, when three new members and one Co-Warden are elected. Any pledge-paying member of the church 16 or older is eligible to join Vestry, and all Vestry meetings are open to the entire congregation.

At each meeting, the Vestry prays, conducts the business of the parish, and shares fellowship with one another. We consider the needs of our congregants and evaluate what resources are necessary to sustain the activities that our community feels called to do. We take opportunities to regularly meet with parishioners and newcomers in order to deepen relationships, provide connection, discern new leaders, and support the various ministries of All Saints’. We also make ourselves available after Sunday worship to answer questions and meet new (and old!) friends.

Through thoughtful stewardship and prayerful commitment, we seek to support the health and vitality of this assembly and to continue our commitment to building God’s beloved community.


March 2021 Vestry Meeting

The All Saints’ vestry met via Zoom on March 16th, with all members in attendance. Guests Andrew Rutledge, Polly Tangora, Anne Cadigan, Liz Futrell, and Andrea Mysen, Director of Ministries, Diocese of Chicago, joined for all or part of the meeting.

This month’s meeting included a review and status update of the new rector search process, and a discussion of options for new initiatives that a Becoming a Beloved Community grant could support. The vestry also discussed the work of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, preparing for post-pandemic worship, the new Welcoming Initiative, filling our remaining Diocesan Representative vacancy, and the February 2021 ASEC financials.

The following business and discussion items were covered during the meeting:

  • Review and adoption of February 2021 meeting minutes; income is currently ahead of budget; diocesan pledge payments now being made on monthly basis.
  • Keeping God’s People safe mandatory training for all vestry members is complete.
  • Diocesan Representative appointee is still pending.
  • Andrea Mysen reviewed the rector search process to educate new vestry members.
  • Rector Search Committee co-chair Anne Cadigan provided an update on the committee’s work. Final candidates will be determined during meeting on Saturday, March 20. Details were provided regarding remaining committee activities, which include candidate meetings and worship with vestry and essential staff, and interviews with bishop-elect and diocesan director of ministries. Process is on track to have new rector in place by August 1.
  • Liz Futrell presented options for new initiatives that could be supported by a Becoming Beloved Community seed grant from the national church. Becoming Beloved Community seed grants provide up to $10k in funding for Episcopal institutions to build capacity and increase engagement in the work of racial justice, healing, and reconciliation. Application deadline is April 12. Liz proposed the following initiatives:
    • Offer another 8-week Speak Up training program, or shorter program that focuses more generally on racial injustice.
    • In collaboration with the Illinois Prison Project, a create series of themed events for community engagement, allowing AS to take Speak Up work to next level and to build relationships in our city. Liz has an established relationship with IPP.
    • Continue to pursue relationship with south-side partner church. A match through the Folded Map Project, has stalled. New options for a partner church can be explored.
  • Rector will relocate to adjacent residence at 4548 Hermitage to allow rehab work to begin on rectory in April. Beginning rectory work is delayed; project will not be complete in time for new rector start date. Interim housing will be needed; vestry to consider options at future meetings.
  • Tuck pointing work is recommended for Parish Hall within the next few years.
  • Presentation of Welcoming Initiative and formation of AS membership Committee will be offered at March 21 Brewed Awakenings Zoom meeting. Susie Griffith and Jen Simokaitis to lead discussion, Stephen and Transition Team to attend to answer questions. Committee leaders to be identified at future meeting.
  • Technology updates to accommodate post-pandemic worship will be funded by a parishioner who has offered financial support. Broadcast equipment and internet upgrade are needed; rector will report on progress.
  • AS Atrium members have decided how to allocate Bake Auction funds

The next AS vestry meeting is Tuesday, April 20th. All are welcome! If you would like to attend, please email our Interim Rector Stephen Applegate to receive the meeting link.

February 2021 Vestry Meeting

The All Saints’ vestry met via Zoom on February 16th, with all members in attendance immediately following the Shrove Tuesday FaceBook live service. We were excited to welcome newly-elected members Katrina Kasten, Gina Shropshire, and Nina Wilfred, along with newly appointed members Susie Griffith and Jacqueline WayneGuite. Susie has been appointed to fill the vacancy of Rich Futrell, who was unable to complete his three-year term; Jacqueline has been appointed to fill the vacancy created by John Williams’ move to role as vestry co-warden. Also in attendance at the meeting were non-vestry guests Andrew Rutledge and Polly Tangora.

Discussion and business focused on planning and organization for the year ahead; filling vacancies that remained following elections and those created by newly adopted bylaws; updates from the Buildings and Grounds committee, Rector Search Committee and Transition Team; a review of the January 2021 ASEC financials and the 2021 4546 N. Hermitage LLC annual budget; and a reflection of the ASEC Annual Meeting.

The following business and discussion items were covered during the meeting:

  • Review and adoption of January 2021 meeting minutes
  • Continuation of vestry one-on-one conversations
  • February 27th vestry Zoom mixer and weekend of May 22-23 vestry retreat/outdoor gathering
  • Keeping God’s People safe mandatory training for all vestry members to be completed by 3/16/21 vestry meeting
  • Margaret Ferguson appointed as ASEC Treasurer. Position established per ASEC bylaws; will provide quarterly financial reports to vestry and congregation and at the annual meeting.
  • Jennifer Simokaitis appointed as ASEC Clerk. Position established per ASEC bylaws; acts as official document signer, provides vestry updates to congregation and other duties tbd.
  • Creation of Youth Representative to vestry position; further discussion and possible candidates to follow
  • Discussion of Diocesan Representative vacancy; potential candidates to be discussed at 3/16/21 meeting.
  • ASEC annual meeting was very successful; planning, organization variety of contributors were key. Try to include virtual participation in future for easy participation.
  • Plastering and painting of sanctuary complete, floor refinishing to follow with hope for completion in time for return to in-person worship. Estimate received for parish hall tuck pointing.
  • Rector candidate interviews held 2/26 – 3/15, final 2-3 candidates tbd at 3/20 meeting, final interviews, possibly in-person, 4/10-26, final decision 5/2. One candidate to be presented to vestry for approval. New Rector tentative start date of 8/1, Stephen will stay until end of June. Andrea Mysen to review vestry role at 3/16 vestry meeting.
  • 2021 annual budget for 4546 N. Hermitage discussed and approved. Rental income will cover projected expenses.
  • Transition Team recommended creating independent committee to direct work in defining AS membership, welcoming new members, and creating more relationship-building opportunities for members. Introduction of membership committee work at 3/21 Brewed Awakenings. Potential committee members to be discussed at future meeting.
  • January ASEC financials reviewed and approved.
  • 2021 vestry group photo taken via screenshot of Zoom meeting.

The next vestry meeting is Tuesday. March 16th. All are welcome! If you would like to attend, please email our Interim Rector Stephen Applegate to receive the meeting link.

November 2020 Vestry Meeting

All Saints’ Vestry met on Tuesday, November 17th – all members were present joined by Stephen, Andrew R., Polly Tangora, Skip Yates, Katrina Kasten, and Dan Hornung. Dave shared an appreciative inquiry guide for Vestries that he had discovered and we discussed how to continue this work in the new year in combination with the storytelling and history work that the Transition Committee is beginning.

Other highlights of the meeting included:

  • Reviewed the draft Bylaws – the first in all of All Saints’ history! – and suggested edits. The Bylaws will also be reviewed by the Finance Committee and the Diocesan Chancellor to ensure they are aligned and compliant with all relevant requirements. Any final updates will be made at the next Vestry meeting and then the Bylaws will be voted on by the congregation at the Annual Meeting.
  • Discussed the upcoming 183rd Diocesan convention.
  • Shared an update on the Greenlining Campaign, including that we only have $45,000 left to collect and transfer, which is $35,000 more than our original goal!
  • Update from the Transition Committee, which will be focusing on the issues of “Membership” and “Heritage” in their work in the coming months.
  • Search Committee shared that the parish profile is now published, the new All Saints’ website is launched and the position of Rector has been posted.
  • Continued updates from the “Space Force” and Building & Grounds Committee about urgent needs and overall campus planning in the longer term. Their report was approved as was an effort to raise funds for urgent Rectory restoration and Parish Hall improvements.
  • Discussed Stewardship campaign, which will roll out in the coming weeks and focus on two efforts: the annual operating funds and the immediate needs for the Rectory and Parish Hall.
  • Initial discussion of the Annual Meeting which will be on January 24th – it will have an awards show theme and need lots of volunteer support, energy and creativity so please reach out to Andrew Rutledge if you’d like to help!
  • The table below shows All Saints’ operating income and expenses through October 2020. (Please note that all negative numbers are shown in parentheses.) The general analysis was that considering the very rough year, we are in great shape. Thank you all for your gifts and support, both financial and otherwise!

                     Oct. 2020      YTD       YTD Budget
Income         28,628    380,779     430,185
Expenses     40,043     407,171     433,998
Net              (11,415)     (26,392)     (3,813)

The next Vestry meeting is on December 15th – as always everyone is welcome.

October 2020 Vestry Meeting

October 2020

All Saints’ Vestry met on Tuesday, October 20th – all members were present joined by Stephen, Andrew R., Colin Collette and Polly Tangora. Brit Cooper Robinson and Liz Futrell joined us at the beginning of the meeting to talk about a unique opportunity for fighting racism and building community across our city’s neighborhoods called The Folded Map Project. The Vestry was enthusiastic and supportive of this idea and we look forward to seeing how it further contributes to our work toward Building a Beloved Community.

We then wrapped up our appreciative Inquiry reflection and sharing and talked about how it can coordinate with and support the ideas the Transition Committee has been working on around how to tell and capture the story of All Saints’ and how that can be helpful to the new Rector that we will eventually call. Other highlights of the meeting included:

  • Update on the “Space Force” work – full report will be coming from the architectural firm and the committee next month!
  • Co-Wardens approved a compensation package recommended by the Search Committee since the last meeting, per the authorization of the Vestry
  • The Parish Profile was reviewed and approved to be published as part of the new Rector search process
  • The website update will soon go live in October to be ready for the Rector search as well
  • The Transition Team report was received and there was a discussion (per above) about how to connect it to the appreciative inquiry process that the Vestry has been doing
  • Mexico Outreach Sunday was very successful, exceeding its fundraising goal
  • Greenlining Campaign work continues, with funds raised/pledged surpassing $250,000 and a major action with United Power to secure a commitment from State Senate President Harmon for support of 1000 affordable housing units and expanded mental health care services
  • The table below shows All Saints’ operating income and expenses through September 2020. (Please note that all negative numbers are shown in parentheses.) We are incredibly grateful for the generous bequest to All Saints’ from Chris Flowers. Thank you all for your gifts and support, both financial and otherwise!

                   Sept. 2020        YTD                  YTD Budget

Income                      20,929              352,017            389,086

Expenses                  38,381              359,343            387,443

Net                              (17,452)           ( 7,326)             1,643

The next Vestry meeting is on November 17th – as always everyone is welcome. In the meantime, look forward to seeing you at the MANY fantastic events going on in the coming weeks, including:

  • October 25th – November 3rd: “Novena” Compline for the nation
  • October 28th: Episcopal 101 begins and runs for 4 weeks
  • October 29th: Fermenting Community gathering on Zoom
  • November 1st: All Saints’ Sunday
  • November 8th: All Saints’ Advent begins – many more exciting Advent events to come!
September 2020 Vestry Meeting

September 2020

All Saints’ Vestry met on Tuesday, September 15, after a brief summer hiatus in August. All members were present joined by Stephen, Andrew R., Polly Tangora and long-time listener, first-time caller Ken Jones.

We opened the meeting with prayer and a continuation of an appreciative Inquiry reflections we’ve been taking turns doing, sharing brief stories about meaningful moments for each of us during our time at All Saints’. After the usual approval of the minutes we jumped into a TON of business. Highlights included:

  • Approval of roof maintenance and repair work, recommended by the Building & Grounds Committee that needs to be done to get as much mileage as possible out of the current roof structures, particularly on the Parish Hall and Church School.
  • An initial conversation about work that needs to be done on the Rectory to maintain and enhance it for the long-term as part of the historic buildings on the campus.
  • Discussion of how to plan for the long-term use of space in the overall All Saints’ campus that now includes 4546 N Hermitage. The “Space Force” Committee, who has been thinking about these issues, reviewed a proposal from Larry Dieckmann with Manske, Dieckmann and Thompson Architects to do an assessment of potential options with input and oversight from the Space Force Committee. The plan was approved, and we look forward to seeing the options.
  • Update from the Search Committee which has updated the parish profile and is aiming to post the Rector position listing in mid-October. The Vestry approved a compensation package range for the position so that could move forward.
  • Highlights from the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) results, including 2 top priorities that the Transition Team will be working on in the coming months:
    • Creating more opportunities for people to form meaningful relationships (for example, small groups, nurtured friendships, shared meals, etc.), and
    • Developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to reach new people and incorporate them into the life of the church
  • Update on the Greenlining Campaign – thank you to everyone who has paid their commitments and who continues to in the future! We have transferred $180,000 of the $243,945.80 that we raised and LCDC is in the process of getting construction of the home permitted.

We also discussed By-Laws development, appointed a replacement delegate for the election of the next Bishop of Chicago, heard about the redesign of our website and talked about Stewardship 2021 – it was a FULL meeting!

The next Vestry meeting is on October 20 – as always everyone is welcome. In the meantime, look forward to seeing you at the MANY fantastic events going on in the coming weeks, including:

  • September 30 and the following 3 Wednesdays for Adult Formation’s “Bible 101” series with Stephen
  • October 4: Annual Pet Blessing
  • Every Sunday at 10:30: Brewed Awakenings with a new topic every week!
  • October 18: Mexican Outreach Sunday
  • November 1: All Saints’ Day!!

Tracking our Financial Health

The table below shows All Saints’ operating income and expenses through August 31, 2020.

Please note that all negative numbers are shown in parentheses.

August              YTD                  YTD Budget

Income                         21,464              341,214            337,238

Expenses                      33,186              320,916            338,470

Net                               (11,722)            20,998              ( 1,232)

Thank you for all of your gifts, both financial and non-financial!

February 2020 Vestry Meeting

February 18, 2020

In February’s Vestry meeting, we welcomed new faces, took care of some business, got going on some planning and caught up on A LOT of great things that have been going on. We welcomed new Vestry members Diane Doran, Jack Garland and Dave Wernette-Harnden as well as our Interim Rector Stephen Applegate. We also reflected on the FANTASTIC start we’ve had to the new year at All Saints’, including:

  • A galactically amazing Annual Meeting, with excellent food and fantastic acting thanks to all of YOU
  • An incredible weekend of community and celebration traveling to Detroit to see Bonnie consecrated Bishop of Michigan
  • A beautiful and joyous ordination of All Saints’ own Rev. Courtney Reid, featuring no less than THREE bishops
  • A super successful and well-attended Newcomers Brunch, with 20 new folks coming to O’Shaughnessy’s to get to know one another and All Saints’ a little better

There are a bunch of great opportunities to continue to build our community, support our brothers and sisters here and around the world, and reengage with our faith coming up:

  • Annual Bake Auction this Sunday February 23rd
  • Bread, Wine and Word on Friday February 28th
  • Lenten Suppers starting the weekend after Ash Wednesday
  • Speak Up Training for confronting racism and building our Beloved Community – only 1 spot left!
  • All Stories 2nd workshop series – runs from 2/28 to 4/3
  • Beach Party at the Rectory!!! – welcome our Interim Rector the evening of 3/1
  • Search Committee Commissioning at worship services on 3/8

We also began to put together a Transition Team to help support our community through the transition process to a calling a new Rector and discussed upcoming needed and potential repairs to the Rectory in the coming months and beyond. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the Vestry members with any questions – our next meeting will be on March 17th where we will catch up and keep up on all the amazing things going on at All Saints’ and celebrate St. Patrick and the birthdays of none other than our own Revs. Stephen Applegate and Andrew Rutledge!

Next Vestry meeting is Tuesday, March 17 in the Reading Room – all are welcome. The meeting begins with a Bible Study at 7:30, and business begins around 8:30.

December 2019 Vestry Meeting

December 24, 2019

All Saints’ Vestry met on Tuesday, December 10th and much like the holiday calendar, there was A LOT on the agenda. There were updates on all the fantastic things going on. On Monday, December 9th, 15 story tellers who completed a 5-week course and 50 guests shared personal stories of all kinds (think the Moth Radio Hour on NPR) and there is the possibility of a follow up course down the line. The All Saints Fall Lecture series has had great attendance ranging from 9 to 22 each week and will wrap up this coming Thursday, December 19th. The Episcopal 101 class, which had a solid average of 30 attendees per week also wrapped up and there looks to be about 20 or more people who will be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church when Bishop Jeff Lee visits on January 8th (see the link in the newsletter if you’d like to be part of that). Finally, Andrew reported that attendance has averaged over 300 each week the last several weeks and we all agreed how incredible it feels to be part of such a vibrant, engaged faith community.

We also discussed the many opportunities for All Saints’ members to get involved in strengthening both our community and that of the wider Church, through serving in a variety of roles including on the Search Committee for calling a new Rector, on the All Saints’ Vestry, and representing All Saints’ in diocesan roles. We’ll be hosting “Discernment Sessions” between the services on January 5th and January 12th and encourage you to join us for one of those if you think you might be interested in any of those opportunities.

Another exciting update: the search for an Interim Rector is nearing a close! A call and offer has been made, and pending the resolution of letter of agreement, we are hopeful that person will be joining us in February. The Vestry also discussed and approved the Co-Chairs for the Search Committee, Anne Cadigan and Andrea Garland, and the process for selecting members of the Search Committee. There was strong agreement that it is critical for the Search Committee to reflect the many different and rich perspectives of folks across the congregation. Please see the link in the newsletter about the process and join us for one of the Discernment Sessions if you might be interested.

Other business discussed at the meeting included:


  • Planning for the Annual Meeting – theme to be announced soon!
  • Making sure that we are welcoming visitors and new folks consistently to continue to grow and build relationships across the congregation.
  • Visit from Bishop Jeff Lee on January 8th! Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.
  • Bonnie’s Consecration as Bishop of Michigan on February 8th.
  • Courtney Reid’s Ordination on February 15th! Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.
  • Goal to complete Rectory repairs over the next year prior to the new Rector being called.
  • Review and approval of the monthly financial report.

We hope all of you have a happy and restorative holiday season filled with love and blessings.

Next Vestry meeting is Tuesday, January 21st in the Reading Room – all are welcome.

November 2019 Vestry Meeting

November 22, 2019

All Saints’ Vestry met on Tuesday, November 12th for our first meeting of the post-Bonnie era. We were happy to be joined by several folks from the community who came to hear more about the process for selecting an Interim Rector and moving the search process for a long-term Rector forward.

After recognizing the awesomeness of Bonnie’s farewell services and party and the TONS of work that SO MANY people put into them (“Thank You!”s all around to many, many folks!), Rev. Andrea Mysen from the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago walked us through some of the next steps and options in the search process, including how to form a Search Committee and what the major duties for that group would be. In particular, she explained how the duties of the Search Committee are distinct and different, when key check-in points in the process will be, and how the Search Committee could be structured. The Vestry decided to begin taking nominations in December for three weeks beginning 12/1 with Committee formation to happen in January. The Committee will be made up of no more than 9 members and will have a relatively intensive time commitment to the process over the coming year. Please feel free to reach out to the Wardens or Vestry members for more details.

We are hoping have an interim rector in place early in the new year. That person will likely serve our church for about a year and will not be a candidate for the permanent rector position.

Other business discussed at the meeting included:

  • A discussion of the upgrades to the Church Audio System, specifically options for installing a tools that help assist individuals with a hearing issue to more fully participate in our church life and services. A team of stakeholders researched options and agreed that an FM-based system, with the possibility of a future WiFi add-on that would work with a phone app, would provide the best balance of support for the widest range of people. We look forward to moving forward with this new system as we work to aim to be more inclusive and welcoming to all. Let us know if you have any feedback about the new audio system or this general initiative and many thanks to Eileen Krause and the stakeholder team for their efforts.
  • In keeping with the theme of an Advent that creates space for community, reflection and fun All Saints will be hosting a St. Nicholas Evening Party from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, December 7th in the church hall. More details to come, including sign ups for helping out with food prep, set up, etc.
  • Visit from Bishop Jeff Lee on January 8th! Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.
  • Bonnie’s Consecration as Bishop of Michigan on February 8th! Link to the room block in the newsletter. All Saints’ will not be securing buses or other transportation, but encourage folks to carpool and will be working on a way to help coordinate that.
  • Courtney Reid’s Ordination on February 15th! Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.
  • Review of more detailed Building & Grounds Committee’s report and recommendations for Rectory repair work.
  • Review and approval of the monthly finance report.
  • Brief discussion of potential Annual Meeting themes – stay tuned!

As always, there are a TON of amazing things going on at All Saints’, particularly in this Advent season so check out the event fliers in the Church as the weekly newsletter for more info on all of them.

Next Vestry meeting is Tuesday, December 10th in the Reading Room – all are welcome.