About the Vestry

The All Saints’ Vestry is the governing body of the church and consists of eleven parishioners who serve staggered three-year terms. Two Co-Wardens, who serve staggered two-year terms, head the Vestry, and with the Rector, participate in leading monthly Vestry meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of each month. The Co-Wardens also play an active role in the congregational Annual Meeting in January, when three new members and one Co-Warden are elected. Any pledge-paying member of the church 16 or older is eligible to join Vestry, and all Vestry meetings are open to the entire congregation.

At each meeting, the Vestry prays, conducts the business of the parish, and shares fellowship with one another. We consider the needs of our congregants and evaluate what resources are necessary to sustain the activities that our community feels called to do. We take opportunities to regularly meet with parishioners and newcomers in order to deepen relationships, provide connection, discern new leaders, and support the various ministries of All Saints’. We also make ourselves available after Sunday worship to answer questions and meet new (and old!) friends.

Through thoughtful stewardship and prayerful commitment, we seek to support the health and vitality of this assembly and to continue our commitment to building God’s beloved community.

Vestry Minutes

April 2024
Meeting Date April 16, 2024


The meeting began at 7:08 PM.

Present: Suzanne Wille, Courtney Reid, Katrina Kasten, Ann McKenzie, John Williams, Chad Eric Bergman, Gretchen Schlabach, Halley Hoffman, John DuFour, Tobias Lohse, Josephine Koo, Skip Yates, June Coyne (clerk)

Absent: Jose Sanchez-Perry, Craig Maki


We note that the minutes included in the packet are the verbose and not the official ones. We postpone approval until after the break, when the official minutes can be printed.

Financial Report

John Williams reports back from the Finance Committee. We have money (around $53,000) from RCS connected to repayment of a portion of the tuckpointing expenses from last year. The finance committee recommends we work with our investment managers to place these funds in the best high yield investment that would still be relatively liquid.

Motion to authorize the movement of those funds to a safe interest-bearing investment as recommended by the finance committee made by Katrina Kasten, seconded by Ann McKenzie.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

At the finance committee meeting, they discussed some potential people to approach for the empty spots on that committee. With no stated objections, John will continue to reach out to those candidates and report back, with the vestry voting to appoint people to the open seats at the May meeting.

John goes over the financial statements and we talk through the various sections. Overall narrative: we’re in great shape, and nothing major is awry. We have a new and improved structure of the reports based on recommendations made by John, Ann, and Katrina. 

Motion to receive the financials as presented made by Ann McKenzie, seconded by Katrina Kasten.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Minutes (Revisited)

Brief time is given to review the minutes. Katrina requests a change of “recorded” to ‘paid’ for clarity in “roughly $135,000 paid against pledges.”

Motion to approve the minutes made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by John DuFour.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Community Conversations

Halley leads us in a few icebreaker games, and then we go over the general agenda for the community conversations on April 20 and May 18. The goal is connection, with people meeting and interacting, not with the intent to leave with concrete answers to a question. Suzanne talks through the plans for the day. We discuss some questions and thoughts, including how to account for people who might not be able to walk far, or inclement weather. We also talk about ways to build off these days for the future. The goal is to connect people to pre-existing groups but also to encourage people to think about getting together on their own. Chad points out that we should also encourage people to exchange contact information. 

Bulletins and Paper Use

John DuFour briefly brings up whether there’s an opportunity to reduce the paper used in our bulletins each week. We plan on coming back to this question in May, and/or delegating the question to the Worship Committee and Green Team.

Vestry Announcements

John DuFour sent out a signup link for the next couple of months. He and Katrina will work on making a new script for the announcements available.


Motion to adjourn made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by John DuFour.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Meeting closed at 9:14 PM.

March 2024
Meeting Date March 19, 2024


The meeting began at 7:02 PM

Present: Suzanne Wille, Courtney Reid, Katrina Kasten, Ann McKenzie, John Williams, Jose Sanchez-Perry, Gretchen Schlabach, Halley Hoffman, John DuFour, Chad Eric Bergman, Josephine Koo, Craig Maki, June Coyne (clerk)

Absent: Skip Yates, Tobias Lohse


Brief time is given to review the minutes from last month’s meeting. A minor amendment is made to show that Josephine Koo was present at the 2/20 meeting.

Motion to approve the minutes made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by Ann McKenzie.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Discussion of Goals: Connections

Following up from our Vestry Retreat, Ann McKenzie and Katrina Kasten lead us in a conversation about connections and community in the coming year. Our goal for this year is creating pathways to connection. Based on thoughts from Tobias Lohse, we consider different groups of people coming to All Saints, defined more by motivations than demographics:

  1. Families and parents
  2. People looking to meet friends & form connections
  3. People looking for a spiritual home / curious about spirituality and what resonates with them
  4. People looking for action, engagement with the broader community, and social justice

John notes that the idea of ‘making meaning’ runs through all these different groups. We also think about the stages of someone’s journey in interacting with us: Shopping for a church => Evaluating => Integration/Onboarding => Belonging. We discuss some reservations about the mechanical nature of this analysis, and contextualize this approach as a way to try and see people’s needs and our gaps rather than a prescriptive, defined ‘path’ that we push people to follow. Katrina asks for people who may be interested in further exploring these questions to reach out, and possibly work more on this in a smaller subgroup. 

Finance Committee

John Williams notes that we have a couple of vacancies on the Finance Committee now. It has five appointed members, in renewable two-year terms, plus the treasurer and wardens as automatic members. The appointed terms previously filled by Ann McKenzie and John Williams are now open, and please contact John if you are interested and/or know someone who would be good for the role. 

The main role of the finance committee is to do a deeper dive into the financials and provide support, ideas, and recommendations to the Vestry on making decisions regarding the church’s financial health. Ideally, the committee and vestry will coordinate more on long-term planning and stewardship. In the near future, the finance committee will provide a recommendation on what to do with the $30,000 of bequests received last year. Further in the future, the committee also plans to better consider the makeup of our investments, and how to better align those to our values. Finally, the finance committee will also be thinking more about estate planning. 

Pledging Data

Katrina tells us about pledging data: at a high level, there’s roughly $135,000 paid against pledges, with 166 pledges in the system and 141 unique people having paid towards those pledges. About 49% submit their pledges in an online capacity, and with checks at 32%. We still need to do some cleanup to make sure that recurring payments match the pledges, and that funds are going to the right places. Katrina will be doing further analysis on unfulfilled pledges and churn. John DuFour suggests having some documentation available for pledgers on how to make changes to their contributions in Breeze. Gretchen Schlabach also raises the idea of making more information available about tax benefits of contributions.

Vestry Announcements

Katrina raises the subject of how we might want to change our vestry announcement on Sundays in order to have it be better suited to our new goal of fostering connections. We discuss having one vestry member stand at the front door with Suzanne and Courtney, as well as one on the way to coffee hour. We also consider if we can be more intentional in how we use coffee hour, with guidance to encourage discussions and connections (including the fishbowls with questions, and other techniques). Courtney talks about some ideas from the evangelical world: having vestry members mention why they come to All Saints, letting people know what we’d use their phone numbers/emails for, providing paper forms/flyers. Craig notes that inviting people directly for coffee may be more successful than asking them to sign up, and also brings up the idea of a photo booth at coffee hour. We also talk about how to make vestry members more visible: posting their pictures somewhere, having nametags, having vestry members stand up during the announcement, etc. We might eventually want to have more people join us in this effort in a welcoming committee. Finally, Courtney notes that it was helpful having a couple of vestry members helping at each service on Easter Sunday last year, and we have people sign up for that duty for this year.

Outreach Conversation

Due to a lack of time, this topic will be postponed until the next Vestry meeting.


Motion to adjourn made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by Ann McKenzie.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Meeting closed at 9:02 PM.

February 2024
Meeting Date February 20, 2024


The meeting began at 7:01 PM

Present: Suzanne Wille, Courtney Reid, Katrina Kasten, Ann McKenzie, John DuFour, Chad Eric Bergman, Halley Hoffman, Gretchen Schlabach, Skip Yates, Jose Sanchez-Perry, Josephine Koo, Craig Maki (via Zoom), June Coyne (clerk)

Absent: John Williams, Tobias Lohse


Brief time is given to review the minutes from last month’s meeting. 

Motion to approve the minutes made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by Skip Yates.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Clerk and Treasurer

Motion to appoint June Coyne as Clerk made by Ann McKenzie, seconded by John DuFour.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Motion to appoint John Williams as Treasurer made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by Halley Hoffman.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Vestry Expectations and Discussion

Katrina leads us in an introductory discussion about the organization of the Vestry. We look at handouts that include the job description, a visualization of job responsibilities, and a list of ministries and their leaders. More detail and discussion will come during the upcoming Vestry Retreat. 

We are also changing our process now to look at financials in detail on a quarterly basis rather than monthly. Katrina will gather some links and information about reading financial reports and make them available to vestry members in the near future, as our responsibility is to review the financial reports, receive them, and make sure that we’re making good decisions. Suzanne also leads us in looking at our Bylaws and the responsibilities they delineate for Vestry members.

Parochial Report

Suzanne discusses the Parochial Report, which is due March 1st and goes to the Episcopal Church. We talk the answers for various parts of it, as well as how to potentially obtain racial/ethnic demographic data and whether that’s even something we want to get. We also discuss our answers for the narrative questions on the report.

Motion to approve the Parochial Report made by Skip Yates, seconded by Jose Sanchez-Perry. Ann McKenzie points out that we have in the past voted online, after more of the report is fully completed. After a further period of discussion, we decide to wait until that point to approve the report.

The motion is voted down.

Parish Calendar

Suzanne passes out a parish calendar for 2024 listing major planned events for All Saints across the year. We talk through the various highlights to get a sense of the course of the year.

Keeping God’s People Safe

Courtney discusses Safe Church, Safe Communities, a requirement by the Diocese for all elected leaders and staff to have training about the care and safety of young people and vulnerable populations. This comes through an online module, and she has sent it out to our new Vestry members. It’s important, and Courtney suggests that it may be worth further conversation later, as we have an opportunity to adopt our own versions of those Diocesan guidelines that are more specific or stringent. The deadline for this training is the next Vestry meeting, March 19th.

Vestry Retreat

Our Vestry Retreat will be Friday March 1st, and Saturday March 2nd, at EncounterPoint. 


Motion to adjourn made by Katrina Kasten, seconded by Ann McKenzie.
Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Meeting closed at 9:03 PM.

Addendum from 3/1 Vestry Retreat (8:45 PM)

Motion to approve the Parochial Report made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by Skip Yates.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

January 2024
Meeting Date January 16, 2024

Present: Suzanne Wille, Courtney Reid, Susie Griffith, Katrina Kasten, Margaret Ferguson, Chad Eric Bergman, John DuFour, Craig Maki, Ann McKenzie, Doug Renkenberger, Gina Shropshire (via Zoom), Nina Wilfred, Skip Yates, June Coyne (clerk), John Williams



The meeting began at 7:12 PM.


Brief time is given to review the minutes from last month’s meeting. Amendment made to correct the attendee list and show Skip Yates was present at the December meeting. 

Motion to approve the minutes made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by John DuFour.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

2023 Financials

Margaret Ferguson discusses the budget numbers for 2023 as a whole. Several of our categories wound up differently than expected, but they end up evening out to being $19,000 in the black on operating revenue. We discuss making it clearer when money is going into the Phoenix Fund to better encourage gifts of that nature. We also talk briefly about the Phoenix Fund’s status. Margaret notes that after the audit in October, we have things that will need to be cleaned up and reconciled under Liabilities and Equities in the Statement of Financial Position.

Motion to receive the Profit & Loss statements for All Saints and 4546 N Hermitage as presented made by Chad Eric Bergman, seconded by Ann McKenzie.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

2024 Budget Discussion

John Williams talks about the 2024 budget, highlighting that the Finance Committee is looking at the categories that have been changed to make sure that they are aligned with our expectations and goals for the coming year. We can amend the budget mid-year if we find it to be necessary. We give a round of applause to our outgoing treasurer, Margaret Ferguson, for her hard work!

2024 Annual Meeting

Susie Griffith mentions there will be signups for responsibilities going out soon. Any questions regarding the meeting can be directed to her. There’s also specifically a drive for the team to submit updates, which will be due the 20th, with the final organizational meeting being on the 23rd.

Other Business

John DuFour passes a signup sheet around for vestry announcement responsibilities.

Katrina Kasten talks about Edward Thomas going out on short-term disability for eight weeks. We’re going to split his responsibilities across a few different people in the interim. Marketing and communications will be handled by Tracey Lemon, and Courtney and Suzanne will split the administrative responsibility. If anyone knows someone who could assist with bookkeeping for fifteen hours a week, please let her know. The executive committee will fill in further as necessary.

Vestry Review of 2023

Suzanne leads us in reflection on this past year, and after a moment to consider, we share our thoughts.

What we feel good about:
The way we pray, our level of transparency, how we’ve turned around the financial situation, the fact that we have five people interested in joining us in the new year, our time and timing in running meetings, the organization and information in getting the pledging schedule information early, how we’ve been able to support our ministry leadership, our openness to questions, our good attendance at meetings, and all the work we’ve done on our loans over the past year.

What we wish we could have done better:
How it took us some unnecessary time before we could support our ministries, vestry visibility within the congregation, what that means for those of us who are introverts and how for people to best contribute in the ways they are effective, difficulty in reading financial statements easily, challenges in our onboarding process particularly as we prepare to welcome five new people, lack of clarity in understanding what ministries are going on and how they work and continue, how the opportunity of growth comes with serious needs that we should be prepared for. 

Suzanne also mentions that the financials are too complicated, and the vestry doesn’t necessarily need to go over them every month, so perhaps it’d be better to do that quarterly instead. 

A round of applause and thanks for everyone who’s served this past year!


Motion to adjourn made by Skip Yates, seconded by Ann McKenzie.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Meeting closed at 8:50 PM.