About the Vestry

The All Saints’ Vestry is the governing body of the church and consists of eleven parishioners who serve staggered three-year terms. Two Co-Wardens, who serve staggered two-year terms, head the Vestry, and with the Rector, participate in leading monthly Vestry meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of each month. The Co-Wardens also play an active role in the congregational Annual Meeting in January, when three new members and one Co-Warden are elected. Any pledge-paying member of the church 16 or older is eligible to join Vestry, and all Vestry meetings are open to the entire congregation.

At each meeting, the Vestry prays, conducts the business of the parish, and shares fellowship with one another. We consider the needs of our congregants and evaluate what resources are necessary to sustain the activities that our community feels called to do. We take opportunities to regularly meet with parishioners and newcomers in order to deepen relationships, provide connection, discern new leaders, and support the various ministries of All Saints’. We also make ourselves available after Sunday worship to answer questions and meet new (and old!) friends.

Through thoughtful stewardship and prayerful commitment, we seek to support the health and vitality of this assembly and to continue our commitment to building God’s beloved community.


June 2023 Vestry Meeting
Meeting Date June 20, 2023
In attendance:  Co-Wardens Susie Griffith &
Katrina Kasten, Chad Eric Bergman, Craig Maki,
Ann McKenzie, Nina Wilfred, Skip Yates and
Doug Renkenburger (via Zoom).
Four major concentrations in the meeting:
Finances – In great part, thanks to your voting for
and approving of combining our two major debts
into one and refinancing at a favorable rate, your
vestry is comfortable in the position All Saints’
sees itself in the future. The business side of our
parish is  strong and this appears to bode well
down the road.
One on Ones – The philosophy and aim of this ministry
is getting to know our members better than what
coffee hour or Sparkling Sundays enable us. Thus far,
each of us has greatly enjoyed his / her time spent
exchanging ideas and more importantly, listening to
you and your feelings and opinions.
A tie-in to the One on Ones — Are you curious who a
particular parishioner at All Saints’ might be but cannot
find the correct time or setting to approach them ?
Well, a second best method might be to scroll through
our online directory but to do this, you must be a
member of the group.
Ministries – Do you realize that we have over 25 different
ministries at All Saints’ ?? We are setting up a small group
internally to reach out to each individual leader(s) in an
effort to discover if everyone is comfortable and satisfied
with whatever “amount may be on their own plate” as we
want to avoid anyone flirting with the dreaded Burnout Effect.
Pledge Campaign – It may only be June but as we
have already been through the longest day of the
year, before you realize it, return to school will be here
and along with other personal chapters of our renewal
lives, so will pledge season.
More on this down the road.
And finally, as it was omitted from last month,
Polly Tangora attended our May meeting and
and announced the grand total raised from the
Bake Auction was just over $ 32,216 !!
In addition, we saw a breakdown to the absolute
last penny, all choices of our Atrium III group.
May 2023 Vestry Meeting

Vestry Meeting Minutes, 5/13/2023

Present: Suzanne Wille, Courtney Reid, Susie Griffith, Katrina Kasten, John DuFour, Skip Yates, Doug Renkenberger, Gina Shropshire, Nina Wilfred, Jacqueline WayneGuite, Ann McKenzie, Margaret Ferguson, June Coyne (clerk)

Absent: Craig Maki, Chad Eric Bergman Guests: Edward Thomas, Polly Tangora


The meeting began at 7:09 PM.

Suzanne brought to our attention that today is one of the minor Rogation days, and we spent some time thinking about the things we ask blessings for and the things we bless God for, going around the room to share with one another.

We concluded this period with a prayer for commerce and industry, and a prayer for stewardship and creation.


Brief time was given to review the minutes from the previous meeting and special meeting.
Motion to approve the minutes of the Apr 18 meeting made by Skip Yates, seconded by Ann McKenzie.

● Minor correction pointed out on page 6 of the packet in the April 18th minutes that the May 1st meeting would be on Zoom only, not Zoom and in person

Motion passes by unanimous assent

Motion to approve the minutes of the Apr 27 special meeting made by Gina Shropshire, seconded by Katrina Kasten.

Motion passes by unanimous assent

We thank Nina for being our clerk for the past few meetings, and thank Doug for being our clerk for the online meeting

Question raised about how we approve the minutes from the May 1st meeting of the entire parish: we will do so at the annual meeting.

Update on Africa Bake Auction – Polly Tangora

Polly reported the decisions made by the kids for the distribution of the money from this year’s auction.

In total, we raised $32,216.44 in 2023. Of that amount, we plan are distributing $31,200 (with the remainder allocated to anticipated transfer fees) This amount includes:

  • ●  $6,000 to Bishop Joseph in Renk, to support orphans with housing, and schooling in that area.
  • ●  $7,500 to Dr. Paul and a midwife to support medical care in Renk.
  • ●  $700 to Abiar Nak to pay for her tuition and school fees at high school starting this February.
  • ●  $2,000 for AATEEA (All Africa Theological Education by Extension Association), an organization

    recommended by Masilwa Ragies Gunda, a previous recipient of a grant from us who no longer needs that support. AATEEA works from Zambia and Zimbabwe to offer theological education in east Africa with the goal of fighting against discrimination on the grounds of LGBTQ rights and disability.

  • ●  $5,000 for Water for South Sudan, an organization that digs and repairs wells in central South Sudan.
  • ●  $10,000 for Niles High School Scripture Union Club in Uganda, to pay for scholarships for students, many of whom are refugees and orphans.

scammer, some difficulties in particular came up with getting the money to the Niles High School Scripture Union Club, but at this point it looks like the issue is resolved and everyone is okay.

discussion of the methods of sending money to these organizations. Due to the interference of a

It would be good to find a way to publicize some of this information better. It could potentially fit well in a Friday newsletter?

Debt Management Update & Follow Through

The Standing Committee for the Chicago Diocese approved our request to restructure debt through commercial loans, which requires the encumbrance of our property.

We have received the appraisal for 4546, which was less than expected ($775,000). We will have an appraisal on the entire campus by the end of the month, but that’s not needed to start the loan documents. We do not need to wait for tuckpointing. We have good terms on the loans, with the ability to pay towards principal on both as much as we want. There is a 2-2-1 agreement on years 1-2-3 (corresponding to the penalties if paid off in those years). Our rate is 5.92%, but it’s not locked in yet. Approval will be on Friday, followed by 7-10 days to get paperwork done and signed.

Is it a 5-year term? Yes, a 5 year term with amortization.

A resolution is required to sign the loan documents for 4546, and the one we have written is based on one from 5 years ago that Bonnie signed.

Motion to accept this resolution made by Ann McKenzie, seconded by Jacqueline WayneGuite.

Motion passes by unanimous assent.

Further discussion had about who should sign the resolution itself (not the documents).

Motion to affirm that the officers have the authority to sign loan documents on the rectory made by Ann McKenzie. Katrina Kasten seconds.

Motion passes by unanimous assent.

Break for snacks

We all sang happy birthday to Courtney!

Vestry Retreat Review

Thanks given to everyone for their presence at the retreat and the fun time had together, as well as to Susie Griffith for taking notes. Issues with finding the stack of printouts of notes, so brief rearrangement of business while Edward makes copies.


Skip met Susan Matthews on Apr 28th for lunch, and had a very positive experience. Gina was also able to have a one-on-one with Gail Colman. Ann expressed that someone had gotten back in touch with her that she had thought wouldn’t, which shows the value of keeping at it, and Suzanne mentioned a similar experience herself. Katrina had not yet been able to connect, but mentioned finding and looking through the emails from her very initial one-on-one.

Lightning round held for one-on-one signups, involving those who signed the guestbook May-Oct 2022 and who are still attending. Courtney took notes and will follow up with the list of assignments.

Vestry Retreat Review (cont’d)

2 areas with specific action items:


– The goal is to have a planned giving strategy in place at the end of 12 months
– Set a long-term target of where to grow the Phoenix fund to and have a clear message for it -Continue development of the campus plan


– Develop a toolset for supporting the ministries of the congregation Connecting and communicating with leaders, etc.

– Have measures of success (qualitative/quantitative) for this support What does success mean and how do we measure it?
Do leaders feel supported? Are the correct people leaders? How do we increase visibility and participation?

– Grow the small groups, which have proven to be successful and something that people want

Suzanne suggests we clean up these thoughts and discuss them further at the next vestry meeting. Possibly create/include subgroups to work on some of this? (Ministry Fair?)

Treasurer’s Report – Margaret

The front page numbers show that we’re doing okay, but they are higher partially because of the Ravenswood Run, the Bake Auction etc. The first payment went out for the tuckpointing, and we will need to break out those numbers for reimbursement from the phoenix fund. Salary numbers are off because of 401b. Pledges are a little bit under in April, but the open plate has been solid. Our

endowment is doing fairly well. In the the next months, we will be looking at the budget for the rest of the year, taking into account the new loan.

Balance not updated on front page, and needs to be updated. It is at $414,000 as per back page.

Motion to receive this report made by Skip Yates, seconded by John DuFour.

Question raised about whether we should be voting to receive these every month or each quarter. Would it be better to do that quarterly since we’re looking at more detail then? Brief discussion, and we decide to continue doing so on a monthly basis.

More discussion about problems with paychecks, etc., which means we do not have as much cash on hand as it looks like we do. We also need to pay our diocesan gift for the first quarter.

Motion passes by unanimous assent.

Pledge Campaign

We’re going to have one! Katrina will be the person behind the scenes to keep the records and spreadsheets. Jack Garland is no longer the co-chair, so we will need a new one–and it would possibly be good to have more than just two co-chairs and the rector working on the pledge campaign. It might be worthwhile having someone come to talk to us about process for this?

Other Business

Susie Griffith mentions tabling the garden next door for a year.
Discussion of signups for vestry welcome on Sunday, multiple signups needed.

Motion to adjourn made by Katrina Kasten, seconded by Skip Yates. Motion passes by unanimous assent.

April 2023 Vestry Meeting

The All Saints vestry met on April 18, 2023. Chad Eric Bergman, John Dufour, Susie Griffith, Katrina Kasten, Courtney Reid, Doug Renkenberger, Gina Shropshire, Jacqueline WayneGuite, Nina Wilfred (clerk pro tem), Suzanne Wille, and Skip Yates met in person with Margaret Ferguson joining on Zoom.

The following business and discussion items were covered during the meeting:

· A welcome to our new vestry member: Doug Renkenberger.

· A discussion of the current COVID mask policy. We are adjusting to a new way of operating in the world. Conversation led to the decision that “masks are welcome and available. Please stay home if you are feeling ill.”

· One-on-one check ins: Several vestry members reported successful meetings with additional success in reaching out to people. A “no” response or no response is an okay response.

· The vestry had a discussion on debt management and the steps to be taken within our church over the next month.

· There was an update on the success of the “not the last supper” suppers. We want to continue this kind of community building.

· Margaret Ferguson gave the treasurer’s report. We are in a good financial position as we look to manage our debt.

· The concept of a community garden was raised with the note that the soil needs to be checked for lead before we move forward with the idea.

March 2023 Vestry Meeting

The All Saints vestry met on March 21, 2023. Chad Eric Bergman, John Dufour, Margaret Ferguson, Katrina Kasten, Craig Maki, Nina Wilfred, Suzanne Wille, Skip Yates, and Katharine Spenser (clerk) met in person with Susie Griffith, Courtney Reid, and Gina Shropshire joining on Zoom.

The following business and discussion items were covered during the meeting:

• Continuing the All Saints tradition of vestry committing to One-on-One meetings with parishioners, there was a discussion of why these are important for our community and how to conduct them. Each member of the vestry is committing to reaching out to complete one (1) One-on-One each month.

• The vestry will have its yearly retreat on May 12 and 13. Inquiry into topics for the retreat was solicited.

• The vestry was brought up-to-date on the status of the 4546 N. Hermitage Bishop & Trustee loan regarding the balloon payment due this July. The executive board of the vestry asked the B&T for an extension. Their answer is forthcoming.

• A new vestry member was approved to fill the remaining year of Katrina Kasten’s term. Doug Renkenberger will join the vestry. A new clerk, June Coyne, was approved to step into the role being vacated by Katherine Spenser.

• Margaret Ferguson gave the treasurer’s report. We are in a good financial position.