2021 Annual Meeting

All Saints’ All Stars

Roll out the Red Carpet! This year’s award-show themed Annual Meeting, “All Saints’ All Stars” is almost here!

The Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, January 24, at 10:15 a.m. via Zoom! Even though the meeting this year is all online, we promise it will be just as entertaining as in years past. This page contains links to download important information you need to help you fully participate in this Sunday’s Annual Meeting.

Agenda and Business Items

  • Download these important documents prior to the start of the meeting. The meeting agenda, rules of order, and business items will help you participate throughout the meeting.

Engagement and Activities

  • BINGO: New to the All Saints’ Annual Meeting this year is BINGO! Use the blank BINGO template and fill in the possible happenings from our LIST and come ready to play! There are more options than squares so choose your favorite! The first five to get BINGO (including 4 corners, 5 in a row) will get a prize, and the first to get all squares covered will get the grand prize.

  • Coloring Sheet: Rob Lentz designed our logo for the Annual Meeting this year, and we have made a coloring sheet version for those who wish to color while the meeting is taking place.

  • Common Recipe: In years past, we would all be in one room eating the same food which was generously made by volunteers and eaten family style with those at your table. Since we can’t join together for brunch, we invite you to try the French Toast Casserole recipe shared here from Cook’s Country. The recipe has directions to make this ahead on Saturday afternoon/evening, then you can pop it in the oven as you join the 9am service on Sunday and it should be ready to enjoy during the Annual Meeting. Same idea, different way of doing it!, Enjoy!”