Archive of Weekly Sermons

What Will It Take?

In the past few weeks I have found myself reflecting on two seemingly disparate statements intended, I think, to rally the troops as we once again ramp up the fight against this pandemic.  The first of the two  appeared last spring very early in our journey with COVID, simply “# in this together.”  I remember, […]Read more “What Will It Take?”

Why Wait?

I come to you in the name of the One on whom all our hope is founded, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. AMEN BREATHE. What a week it’s been. What a year it’s been since we last began this season of Advent. Waking up early Wednesday morning, after a long day working the polls, and […]Read more “Why Wait?”

Pet Blessing Sermon

“Do not worry about your life,” says Jesus in today’s reading from Matthew.  Clearly Jesus did not know about 2020 – the number that while still meaning visual acuity is now more frequently used with a sigh – #2020 – yet another disappointment, tragedy, natural disaster, or other unexpected event. “Don’t worry” – are you […]Read more “Pet Blessing Sermon”