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Our roots – Our gifts

‘Rooted in Ravenswood’

Roots nurture individuals and the community.

That is what a community does. Uses its roots to share its gifts.

All Saints is that community. We have our roots here and here we share our gifts.

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Some of us have deep roots and have been here for decades. Others may have found All Saints during the pandemic. Still others came just last Sunday. However deep your roots are, they can connect to the thick network of roots at All Saints. They all can carry nutrients to support each other, our neighbors in need, fighting for justice in our city, and connecting with our brothers and sisters in Mexico, South Sudan, and beyond. Perhaps you felt nurtured and supported in the past year because you are rooted in this All Saints’ community; perhaps you cared for others just because you are connected to them through All Saints’. A deeply connected community helps all of us survive in tough times, just as a deep network of roots helps trees survive when storms, winds, and fire threaten above ground.

Our roots are not always visible but their impact is. They are the anchor that holds us fast and the nourishing network allowing branches to bear fruit.

That’s why we are calling on all of you to nourish our community through a financial pledge to All Saints for 2022.

Two questions we often get are:

  1. Does All Saints’ really need your pledge? Answer: Yes! We work hard to create a balanced budget and maintain fiscal responsibility while fulfilling our mission as a community. Your pledge allows us to plan accordingly, so we can create a balanced budget and focus on our ministries. Our primary source of income is parishioners who pledge; we do not receive money from the diocese or larger church structures.
  2. I’m embarrassed that I can’t give as much as others. Answer: Every pledge is important and every contribution matters! In fact, pledge amounts are not public information and remain confidential. We ask that you give according to your ability. The Bible recommends the tithe, understood as 10% of one’s income (after taxes); that is a great goal but one that takes time to reach. Figure out what percentage of your income you give now and consider moving up one step to the next percent. Whatever you give, we hope you will give out of joy and gratitude, rather than guilt. All gifts faithfully given nourish our roots!

You matter. Your contribution matters. We need you to share in your gifts.

Please follow the form below to make your 2022 pledge to All Saints’.

If you have questions about the impact of your support, or would like to discuss your pledge further, please reach out to us.


Jack Garland & Katrina Kasten
Stewardship Co-Chairs

Rectory Restoration

Built in 1905, All Saint’s Rectory may be 22 years “newer” than our sanctuary, but you’d never know it. After years of delaying repairs and needed updates, it’s time to bring the exterior of the Rectory in line with the rest of our campus and make the interior warm and welcoming for our next Rector. 

Stephen Christy, Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, has been working with the architects, engineers and contractors who lovingly restored our church during the 1883 Project, to develop a plan for restoring the Rectory. Planned repairs include both exterior and interior work.   

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The Rectory exterior is in very poor condition, with work needed on the foundation, windows and doors, as well as the stucco siding. After decades of exposure to the weather, there is water damage and decay throughout. Work will include: 

  • Repairing window openings and replace windows
  • Repair wood and stucco
  • Repair brick and stone work
  • Prime and paint the exterior


Interior work will include structural repairs and much needed updates, including: 

  • Repairing the stone foundation
  • Structural repairs to load bearing elements 
  • Replacing the century-old boiler system with forced-air HVAC including new ductwork, furnace and AC
  • Removing old, cloth-wrapped wiring and updating electrical with new outlets, switches and fixtures throughout
  • Repair and refinish floors
  • Install a sink in the first floor bathroom – yes, there is a bathroom without a sink
  • Repair cracks in walls and baseboards
  • Prime and paint throughout

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You matter. Your contribution matters. We need you to share in your gifts.

All Saints' Church

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing in your gifts. Your financial pledge continues to nourish our community.