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2023 Pledge Drive – Writing our History: Resilient and Engaged

After almost two and half years of pandemic, we are starting to re-emerge. While Covid is not over, we are starting to do the things we once enjoyed in 2019. School gatherings, parties, events, concerts, festivals are now on our agendas again. Many of them are coming back the same way they were in the past. However, we are not the same. We have changed. We have new patterns of living and working. Some of us have even gotten used to Zoom and the diverse set of pants options it provides. How can we reconcile the new behaviors of the last several years and the “re-emergence” in 2022? What is next for us and what is next for All Saints?

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The good news is that this is not new. Throughout the history of our faith home on Wilson and Hermitage, we have had these moments. World Wars, economic crises, dwindling church attendance, crumbling buildings, and empty alms basins are as much a part of our history as Pet Blessings and Christmas Pageants. In each case, they have taken their toll. But our history didn’t end there. The people who came before us were good stewards of the faith and this parish. They rebuilt. They had faith. They showed up and wrote new stories. 

They were Resilient and Engaged.

Even in our recent past, we re-emerged. Our neighbors struggle with food insecurity but we are a struggling church? We will start a food pantry. Our brother and sisters are struggling in South Sudan, but is it too far away to do anything about? We will start a communion with them to support education and opportunity. Racism infects our institutions and oppresses our society, but what can we do as a predominantly white church on the northside of Chicago? We educate ourselves and our children on antiracism and take action on unfair housing in our city. We are writing All Saints history every day. Here is what we are writing. 

We are Resilient and Engaged.

To keep writing the history that stretches back to 1883 and be resilient and engaged in 2023 we need your help.  

We need your financial pledge to All Saints for 2023 to keep Writing the History.

You matter. Your story matters. Your contribution matters. We need you to share in your gifts. 

Three questions we often get are:

Q: Does All Saints really need your pledge?

A: Yes! We work hard to create a balanced budget and maintain fiscal responsibility while fulfilling our mission as a community. Your pledge allows us to plan accordingly, so we can create a balanced budget and focus on our ministries. Our primary source of income is parishioners who pledge; we do not receive money from the diocese or larger church structures.

Q: I’m embarrassed that I can’t give as much as others. Therefore, I’d rather not pledge. Can I just give at will?

A: Every pledge is important and every contribution matters! In fact, pledge amounts are not public information and remain confidential. Think about giving a percentage of your income, not the total amount. What is important is that you commit to supporting our community. See the next question for more guidance.

Q: How do I figure out how much to give?

A: Giving is a spiritual act, one commended throughout scripture. Often we think about giving in round numbers–$25 a week or $3,000 a year–but the Bible recommends the tithe, understood as 10% of one’s income (you choose whether that’s before or after taxes!). That is a great goal to work towards. But the real focus is on giving a percentage of what we have to represent that everything comes from God. You might start by figuring out what percentage of your income you give now and consider moving up one step to the next percent. Whatever you give, we hope you will give out of joy and gratitude, rather than guilt. All gifts faithfully given nourish your relationship to God, our community, and all those to whom you give!

Please make your commitment today for 2023.

If you have questions about the impact of your support, or would like to discuss your pledge further, please reach out to us. 


Jack Garland, Stewardship Co-Chair
Katrina Kasten, Stewardship Co-Chair

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You matter. Your contribution matters. We need you to share in your gifts.

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