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??? 2024 Pledge Campaign, Barbie-Style! ???

“It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever!” – Barbie (2023)

This Summer’s blockbuster Barbie got us all to look at an old, complicated thing–Barbie Dolls–in a brand new way. Barbie was brought into the real world, the jokes were more adult, stereotypes were skewered, and we learned that we’re all “kenough.”

The creator of Barbie, Ruth Handler, also imparted a hard and hopeful message: “Humans have only one ending. Ideas live forever.”

Here at All Saints, people–parishioners, priests, staff–come and go, but the idea of this place–a community of faith where all are not only welcome but embraced, a place where we don’t have to be plastic perfect to be loved, where we live in the real world but also know how to sparkle (what other church employs a disco ball on the regular!?), well, that’s forever. That’s worth supporting. And that’s worth committing to.

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Your pledge is essential to this place, the other members of this community, and the Body of Christ all around us, both in our neighborhood and all over the world. It fuels the church basics like keeping the lights on, maintaining the building, and paying staff. Your pledge also funds the sparkle: festive events, joyful worship, formation for our children and adults, reaching out across our city and around the globe. 

At All Saints, we’ve got sparkle, but there’s NO fat or fluff in our budget. Every year, we make tough choices to prioritize and support the programs we love. This year we are working especially hard to grow our budget to ensure that we are building for the future, planning and taking care of our campus, our programs, and our people. No one likes a surprise fundraising campaign, so we are determined to begin directing some of our annual budget to our long-term investments in the Phoenix Fund, from which we will fund capital projects for our buildings and campus. And we all love our children, so we want to fund an Atrium Assistant who will take on administrative tasks so our teachers can focus on teaching!

For many years, we have run a very lean budget supporting this place we hold dear, this place that offers hope, joyful community, a foretaste of the Kingdom of God right here on the corner of Wilson and Hermitage. Because we offer a vision of hope and joy, where we see the image of God in each person who walks through our doors, and where we know our faith pushes us out those same doors to tend to a hurting world, well, we continue to grow and to flourish here. But that only continues when we ALL support All Saints!

YOU Belong here. Your contribution matters, no matter the amount. Our community needs you to share your gifts and commit to a pledge so that we may grow in love of God, one another, and our neighbors; grow the amazing idea that is All Saints; and keep sparkling so that every day is our best day ever!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share more information about our draft budget, engage in some fun activities, and gather on Pledge Sunday, October 22 to sparkle together!

If you have questions about the impact of your support, or would like to discuss your pledge further, please reach out to us. 

Gratefully and Faithfully,

Katrina Kasten & John Williams

Stewardship Co-Chairs


2024 Pledge FAQ’s

Q: What are the dates for this year’s pledge campaign?

A: This year’s pledge campaign begins on Sunday, October 1 and wraps up on Sunday, October 22.

Q: Does All Saints really need your pledge?

A: Yes! Pledges from parishioners provide over 92% of our annual income. We do not receive money from the diocese or other church structures. Your pledge helps us to fulfill our mission as a community, create a balanced budget and maintain fiscal responsibility by allowing us to plan for our activities and expenses.   

Q: I’m embarrassed that I can’t give as much as others. Therefore, I’d rather not pledge. Can I just give at will?

A: Every pledge is important and every contribution matters! No matter the amount, pledging allows the Vestry, Finance Committee, and All Saints’ staff to plan and manage the finances and activities of our community. Pledges are estimates of giving, and amounts are not public information and remain confidential. Think about giving a percentage of your income, not the total amount (see below for more guidance), but what is important is that you commit to supporting our community. If your financial circumstances change during the year, and you need to adjust your pledge, just let the treasurer know.

Q: How do I figure out how much to give?

A: Giving is a spiritual act, one commended throughout scripture. Often we think about giving in round numbers–$25 a week or $3,000 a year–but the Bible recommends the tithe, understood as 10% of one’s income. That is a great goal to work towards. But the real focus is on giving a percentage of what we have to recognize that everything comes from God and that we are thankful, generous, and joyful with the gifts given to us. You might start by figuring out what percentage of your income you give now and consider moving up one step to the next percent. Whatever you give, we hope you will give out of joy and gratitude, rather than guilt. All gifts faithfully given nourish your relationship to God, our community, and all those to whom you give!

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Thank you for sharing in your gifts. Your financial pledge continues to nourish our community.