Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries

At the center of the All Saints’ community life is liturgy, the “work of and for the people” in our collective response to God. We are always looking for folks to get involved in this important ministry. 

Acolyte Ministry

Led by Ken Jones, the Acolyte Ministry is a wonderful way for our young people to participate constructively in our weekly worship services. Throughout the year, more than twenty acolytes participate in carrying the cross, setting the table for communion, and (hopefully) providing a stately order to our services.

Altar Guild

Nick Hatzis and members of the Altar Guild set up the church for Sunday services. They get the bread, wine, and chalices ready before the service and clean up everything afterwards. Their quiet, behind-the-scenes help is greatly appreciated by all.

Bread Bakers

Anne Ellis and our community of volunteer Bread Bakers ensure that the Body of Christ tastes delicious. These volunteers bake fresh bread at home and bring it in for us to enjoy. Our recipe is simple, and kids love to help and taste-test.


Ushers offer hospitality to all during our services. They greet people at the door, hand out bulletins, collect the offering, recruit people to bring up the bread and wine at the offering, and direct people to communion.

Scripture Readers

Scripture Readers tend to enjoy speaking in front of people and appreciate the wisdom of the Bible. During worship, they read one of the lessons assigned for the day.

Prayers of the People Leaders

Leaders of the Prayers of the People stand up and read prayers on behalf of the whole community.

Chalice Bearers

Chalice bearers love to share communion with others. During the distribution of communion, the priests give out the bread, and the chalice bearers give out the wine, saying “the blood of Christ, the cup of salvation.”

Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of worship at All Saints’. We love to welcome new singers and instrumentalists. If you would like to add your musical talent to the rich and diverse tapestry we hope to weave during worship, please visit our Music Ministry page and contact our Director of Music, Colin Collette.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee addresses the question of how we, as a congregation, desire to experience church. We meet periodically to prepare for upcoming liturgical seasons. No particular knowledge is necessary – just a desire to learn, pray, and reflect creatively.

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