Susie Griffith

Susie Griffith Vestry Co-Warden

I have been fortunate to call All Saints my spiritual home for over twenty years. My husband, Scott, and I have always found the community to be welcoming and uplifting, full of vitality and inspiration, and in possession of a great sense of humor.

I have been a member the Worship Committee for a number of years, and am currently serving on the Transition Team. I have previously served on Vestry and as Co-Warden.

I’m an actor and writer. Additionally, I have a background in fundraising, not-for-profit management and event planning, and I have a tendency to be, shall we say, results-oriented. I’m honored to return to Vestry in this time of transition, and to participate in the process of welcoming a new rector to this amazing, inspiring, thoughtful community.