A Holy Week for the Ages

Dear Friends,

That was a Holy Week for the ages! 

I was moved by how deeply we all entered into the week with beauty–glorious music led by our outrageously talented Colin, choir, and musicians; gorgeous poetry and scripture; art and vestments that shifted with the week–and with our whole selves, with waving palms, the laying on of hands for healing prayer, kneeling to wash feet, allowing our feet to be washed by another with warm water, kneeling before the cross, staying up late to hear our salvation history then shouting “Alleluia!” and ringing bells at the Easter Vigil, and then Easter joy with brass, so many spring flowers, and a rousing “Hallelujah Chorus” sung by all after each service. 

As I reflect upon the week and the power of it, I am aware that it requires a giant swath of us to dedicate our entire selves to making it happen: folks who serve as singers, acolytes, bread bakers, Sunday school leaders, organists, worship committee members, readers, catechists and sponsors, ushers, buyers of champagne, altar guild, AV team, storytellers, flower waterers, hiders of Easter eggs, hangers of disco balls, parish clean up crew, preachers, violinists and trumpet players, play list creators (was “Celebration” played at the end of the Easter Vigil? Why, yes, yet it was), liturgical set designers, launderers, stage crew, light designers, party planners, fire builders, dog pool water removers (what did you think we used to baptize adults at the vigil?), dish washers, and on and on. 

How amazing to be part of a church where so many dedicate themselves to making sure everything is stunning, fabulous, solemn, joyful for our gathered community and everything worthy of the God we love and who loves us.

I can’t imagine a better Holy Week, a better place, a better community. And if you feel the same, well, you might consider two big things: joining the Episcopal Church through confirmation or reception when the Bishop comes on May 5 and coming to one of the Community Conversations we’ve got planned April and May (look for your email today). You can learn more in this week’s newsletter.

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+