A parish that can raise $30,00 in one hour can do just about anything!

Dear Friends,

Once again, we had a stunning All Saints Bake Auction! 

Every year we raise an amazing amount of money to help our friends in South Sudan and nearby countries, and this year continued that tradition of generosity and the recent years of extraordinary giving of over $30,000!

Every year we pack the parish hall with joyful people—kids giddy with towers of confections surrounding the room and the power to sell cookies at a clip and friends competing fiercely for the privilege of spending hundreds on creative cakes—and this year was more crowded than ever, seats filled, standing room only, cakes and baked goods stacked wherever there weren’t people.

Every year you outdo yourself in creativity and effort, and this year you scaled new heights! Our most expert bakers pushed themselves to new heights while paying homage to Taylor Swift; our youngest bakers took risks, imagining what an AI-generated cake might look like and constructing a VW vanagaon shaped cake; and some of you were willing to push the boundaries of taste with a brain-shaped cake and a rat-hole cake filled with sprinkles.

We had lots of new bakers and bidders joining our stalwarts who have been bidding, baking, and often both for years and years. The spirit in the room was so, so good and, once again, I give thanks for this good, joyful place.

There’s more information below from our church school leaders, and I give HUGE thanks to our leaders—especially Polly and Andrea, Jen, Katrina, Kevin, and Paula, our great auctioneers Lesley and Ben, all who volunteered, and so many more! And huge thanks to all of you who volunteer, bake, encourage children, bid, bid up others, buy more cake than needed, and join together to do something foolish and wonderful and generous and surprising.

A parish that can raise $30,000 in one hour through a bake sale can do just about anything!

Faithfully, Suzanne+