Dear Friends,

This past Ascension Day, I talked about how the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is a gift to us so we are enabled and empowered to do God’s work in the world. During the season after Pentecost (the summer and early fall) we hear stories in Scripture of what doing God’s work can and should look like, and these stories are meant to inspire us, God’s people, to continue God’s work.   Well, the call to do God’s work has been extended numerous times this summer, and this community answered those calls over and over. God’s work is hearing the request of help from our neighbors, and we raised over $240,000 in just four weeks for the Greenlining Campaign. For this community, God’s work also means doing everything we can to help find our new spiritual leader—our new rector—and you, over 220 of you, did God’s work by completing the CAT, AND having over a 100 people take part in our small focus groups sessions.   You all have been amazing, and I’m praying that you continue God’s work because there is still plenty to do. Along with continuing our relationship with United Power and working on issues of social justice and equality, I have a few specific asks that are particular to our community—work which requires immediate action on your part for the greater good of this community:  

  1. The CAT results are in!!!!! You did the work of completing the survey, and now is the time to review the results. Simply click HERE.
  2. We have updated the COVID portion of church’s webpage to reflect all the updates, events, and changes in our Fall programming. Please visit the website at Mark your calendars with the upcoming events, as well as our Wednesday evening Adult Formation opportunities—*our class on spirituality starts 9/9/20, see announcement in newsletter* This webpage will be the one stop shop for resources, such as worship aids and class details/resources.
  3. A TON of Paper drive begins today!!! Due to the pandemic, the Backpack Blessing will look different, but after reaching out to our partner schools who receive our donated paper, the message from the principals was clear—“Pandemic or not, we always need more paper!!!” *see announcement in newsletter for details*
  4. Request for pictures!!!!! Send all pictures to moc.tsoh-gs.66rylimenull@egdeltur. Our major worship services will be online this year, and we need your help. Sending in your pictures, which will be used in the services, will make the worship come alive and will remind us that we are all in this together as a community.
    • Backpack Blessing- due to the changes of our world to schooling and working remotely, we are blessing everything and everyone this year!!!
    • send us pictures of the kids’ first day of school
    • send us pictures of you and your laptops and briefcases
    • send us pictures of things we didn’t think of but connect to how you are still able to do your work during this time—GET CREATIVE!!

The church program year has arrived, and although it will look very different, with your help—with continuing to do the work—we know it will be amazing.  

With much gratitude,   The Rev. Andrew Rutledge