August 9, 2020

Dear Friends,

I normally would feel bad about being a broken record (telling you the same information over and over again), but I’ve always been told that if something is important then you cannot over communicate its importance. Similar to how I really only preach one or two basic sermons, with the gist being God loves you so love others, I am here once again to remind you of an important part of the Rector Search process that absolutely NEEDS your participation.

Starting this weekend, the Rector Search Committee will be offering Small Group Meetings (either in-person OR online via Zoom). For the full schedule of available opportunities, please click of the links for IN-PERSON or ZOOM. Just like with the CAT, if you consider All Saints’ to be your spiritual home (and you are over the age of 16), we are strongly encouraging you to sign up and participate in one of the small group meetings. As of now, there are plenty of spots available.

“Why is participating in small groups important?” you may ask…because this is your opportunity to make your voice heard!!! In these groups, you will be discussing extremely important topics and questions like:

  • Who is All Saints’? What makes us, us?
  • Where do you think God is calling All Saints’? Where are we going?
  • What skills are important in our next rector to help us get there?

These are not questions for only a select few people. To have meaningful—true and Spirit-filled—answers to these questions, we need everyone’s feedback…that means YOU! You are part of this community. We wouldn’t be the same without you here, and what you have to say is valued and necessary for our Rector Search Committee to create our Parish Profile. Again, the Parish Profile is the document that basically tells perspective rectors who we are and what we are looking for. The CAT and the information gleaned from these upcoming Small Groups are the two most significant pieces of data needed to compile the document. They are significant because they represent your voice.

Please, as people who love this community and deeply care about its future, sign up now to participate, and have you voice heard.

With gratitude for this whole community,

The Rev. Andrew Rutledge