Bountiful God, you call us to labor with you in tending the earth.

Dear Friends,

The Fourth of July, for me, always seems to demarcate the full onset of summer. Vacations are taking place, summer camps are in full swing, summer flowers are blooming in gardens, and farmers markets and produce stands become more plentiful with fresh grown vegetables and berries. Our own children’s garden at All Saints has produced some radishes that were shared with our Tuesday pantry guests. I’m eagerly anticipating the cherry tomatoes! And as we give thanks for a new season, for time outdoors, for breaks from regular routines, we are also reminded almost every day of the fragility of this earth, our island home. Two weeks ago, our city, along with other parts of our nation were covered over by smoke from unprecedented fires to our north. On Tuesday, we woke up to headlines proclaiming that on Monday, July 3 the average temperature of the world was the hottest it’s ever been, only for that record to be broken the next day. And while weather patterns and wind direction contribute to these issues, scientists overwhelmingly agree that climate change plays an important role.

And while I’m keenly aware of how easy it is to feel powerless in the face of these massive global problems, I also know that we can make a difference in our own day to day practices, through advocacy, and building awareness. 

As people of faith, we believe in a God who pronounced his blessing on all of creation and who charged all of us with its care and preservation. The Episcopal Church has wonderful resources on its web page related to the care of creation. You can check them out here.

As we continue to bask in summer days, may our hearts be stirred to grow in awareness and commitment to the needs of our planet and all who inhabit it.  

Bountiful God, you call us to labor with you in tending the earth. Where we lack love, open our hearts to the world. Where we waste, give us discipline to conserve. Where we neglect, awaken our minds, and wills to insight and care. May we with all your creatures, honor and serve you in all things for you, live and reign with Christ, Redeemer of all, and with your Holy Spirit, one God now and forever. Amen. 

(From Liturgical Materials for Honoring God in Creation)

All my best,