Can vegans partake in Communion since they are the Body and Blood of Christ?

Dear Friends,

Last week, we had so much fun at Theology at the Annex! Two dozen people of all ages shared our questions and thoughts about all kinds of topics related to our faith: How does prayer work? How can we explain a suffering world when we have a good God? What are the edges of Christian belief? Each person brought a great question or topic, and we only got to a few of them. Here was perhaps the most provocative and conversation-inspiring question: Can vegans partake in Communion since they are the Body and Blood of Christ? That question opened up many other theological questions, answers, and avenues!

Though the conversation was truly thought provoking, faith confirming and challenging, and just plain fun, I think the most important thing was that we gathered together for conversation in our faith community to discuss things that really matter. We didn’t agree on everything but we DID have a great time and deepen friendships and faith. You can be sure we’ll do it again!

If you’re longing to connect in low-key ways this summer, then mark your calendar for Hymns in the Courtyard! We’ll gather on Wednesday, August 23 at 7:00pm for one of our most-beloved annual traditions—belting out the hymns we love. We’ll have snacks and drinks and hymnals, and you get to call out the tunes. If that sounds good, we’ll have a show tunes version in September. 

There’s so much to be done in this tired old world to try to make life better, and each one of us has our own battles, but, Friends, it’s good to be together, to laugh and wrangle and think and sing. Sojourner Truth said so years ago: “Life is a hard battle anyway. If we laugh and sing a little as we fight the good fight of freedom, it makes it all go easier. I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by the darkness around me.”

Being with you, being together, makes all the battles easier. See you in Church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+