Dear Friends,

I begin my letter this week with a note of caution: someone has been impersonating me and texting members of the church saying I have a favor to ask. Luckily, the people who alerted me to this text understood it was fake. 

While I do text to communicate with folks, I will never send a vague request for you to contact me, nor will I ask you to send money or gift cards directly to me, another member of staff, or a parishioner. Any donations, whether for weekly offerings, pledges, or a fundraiser, are made directly to All Saints, recorded, and attributed to your annual giving. If you do get a text like this, please block the number, delete the message and, of course, never click on any links in a questionable text or email. 

And, now, I turn to a much more pleasant topic: thanksgiving! Not thanksgiving the holiday but thanksgiving for each one of you and your generosity. Thank you for responding so generously to the All Saints pledge campaign. Your support of this community and our mission allows us to thrive now and into the future! 

I hope to see each of you this Sunday for the last Sunday of our liturgical year, which is known as Christ the King. On this Sunday, we remember that there is One who is above all earthly powers and elected officials, and that is the One who didn’t use power to control, didn’t seek wealth or fame, but humble Jesus who came to serve, not to be served, and showed us what it means to forgive and to love beyond measure. So, this Sunday, we read readings that might feel a bit out of place, more appropriate for Holy Week, but that point to the Prince of Peace.

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+