Committed to a just and peaceful world.

Dear Friends,

During the “snow bomb” that has hit / is hitting Chicago, I hope you can stay warm and dry inside to watch the snow descend! It’s a little messier and less lovely than I had hoped, but there is something wonderful about the first true snowfall of winter. 

We’ll be staying warm inside on Sunday with some great hymns to resonate with this weekend’s observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I promise I’ll turn the heat up on Saturday night so the cold weather on Sunday won’t deter us from worshipping!

As we enter this weekend when we remember Dr. King and all that was fought for and accomplished by him and all those in the Civil Rights Movement, I invite you to learn more with these podcasts recommended by NPR and offer some ways to observe the dayfrom our friends over at Block Club. One of our own, The Rev. Martin Deppe, is leading a peace vigil on Monday night in the spirit of Dr. King, an apostle of non-violence, to focus on the ongoing war and violence in the Holy Land; see the article below for more information.

Our commitment to a just and peaceful world, one where racism is dismantled so that we might live together in beloved community, must never waver. We have done some powerful things together in the past at All Saints, and I believe in 2024 we are being called to listen to where God is calling us next to share God’s love and justice in the world. 

Stay warm and see you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+