Compassion, Forgiveness, and Justice

Dear Friends,

Well, this week has delivered quite the surprising news with the conviction of our former president. At a progressive place like All Saints, I imagine that the general feeling is relief that the justice system has worked carefully and deliberately, proving no one is above the law. That is a good thing of course and, yet, I find myself feeling saddened more than anything else that now we have this milestone in our history: a former president found guilty of 34 felony counts. 

I was too little at the time Nixon resigned from the presidency to remember the details of that event, but I remember the resulting feeling that lingered for years after, a weariness and cynicism born from the betrayal by those we had entrusted with the care of our country and future. I worry now that as a culture we are losing a sense of what integrity, moral seriousness, and being a person of honor look like, or even holding those as values worthy of pursuit.

One of the things I deeply value about Christian community is that those values and others, like compassion, forgiveness, and justice, are at the heart of who we are and how we try to live and model for our children. Many of those values are hard to live by in a world that might think you’re a sucker if you tell the truth even if it costs you or forgive when it is painful. Here, we encourage one another to live as people of integrity, forgive when we fall short, gently call one another back to right ways of being. How old-fashioned is that? And how lovely and necessary when the world around us feels a bit mad . . . 

This Sunday we will gather to hear God’s word, partake in Communion, and deepen our relationship with God and one another so that we might be formed into whom God calls us to be and do the work God calls us to do. And we will celebrate three of our young people who have been shaped and formed at All Saints as they graduate from high school and prepare to fly: Iris Jones, Clara Lumsden, and Maya Thiruvathukal.

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+