Dear Friends, 

What a gorgeous Celebration of Ministry / Renewal of Ministry with Welcoming of a New Rector we had last week! The music was fabulous, the gifts touching, and the dance party afterwards was off the hook (yes, there WAS dancing in the streets)! I wondered if we needed such a thing after a year together and, then, no surprise, liturgy and ritual and symbol worked their magic. Somehow, I feel we belong together and to one another in a deeper way now than I did before. I hope you feel the same. What a joy to be here, with you; we are now “installed” in one another’s lives, and I take that commitment, that love, seriously and, oh, how grateful I am to each one of you and to all of All Saints!

We have another big celebration this weekend: the consecration of the Rev’d Paula Clark as our next bishop! She is the XIII bishop of Chicago, and there will be great rejoicing after our long waiting–through Covid, through Paula’s illness and recovery, and during the illness and mourning of the death of Andrew, Paula’s husband, last summer. Please join me in praying for our new Bishop and, if you can, join the livestream of the service on Saturday at 10:30 when the procession begins (keep a sharp eye out for our own beloved Bishop Bonnie!).

I hope to see you in church on Sunday, too, our last before church school begins; there is a WILD Gospel, one of the most complex passages in any of the Gospels. Jesus commends a “dishonest manager,” and I’m wondering if that manager might be a Jesus figure, someone who subverts our human-made economy, willing to “slash prices” and make deals on our behalf, even if that means cheating his boss. He’s a tricky one, that Jesus, much wilier than most of us give him credit for. Come hear more of the story on Sunday!

Faithfully, Suzanne+