Dear Friends,

This Sunday is the last Sunday before Christmas, and at All Saints’ it is:


This is the Sunday when we normally round up grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors, and get to church early to get a good seat.
This is the Sunday when normally our children gather in the parish hall to pin on wings, straighten halos, and adjust headdresses.

This is the Sunday when normally just before the pageant begins we gather around the lit Advent wreath to listen to the words of the Gospel about to be portrayed and sing the Celtic Alleluia lead by the littlest angels.

Oh wait! NOT THIS YEAR! This year is NOT “NORMAL”.

HOWEVER, even so, this Sunday the pageant will still happen, it’s just going to be a bit different.

This year the Pageant has been translated into “Zoom”. It will still be in the midst of the Sunday morning church service at 9 am. But it has already been carefully recorded and assembled by our wonderful, EXTREMELY patient, and skilled director Lesley Chapman.This month our children have learned how to come on and off a Zoom stage and record their lines. They have figured out how to make it look like the person you’re talking to is right next to you even though they’re somewhere completely different. And, even how to pass someone a cup of “Venti Ginger Spiced Frappuccino – DECAFE!” from one Zoom screen to another.

It has been AMAZING to watch these young actors adapt to this new environment and portray their characters with enthusiasm and sincerity, while some of us adults continue to find the whole process rather mysterious. Our children have performed with grace and joy – very aware that they were giving our congregation a gift of love at a time when we really need it.

Think about it this way:

You don’t have to arrive early to get a good seat (though we will start on time).

You can still round up the grandparents and the neighbors, just send them the link! (or forward this newsletter).

Much will be the same, though there maybe a few new twists:

  • Little angels will still sing the traditional Celtic Alleluia (in masks and socially distanced)
  • The archangels are once again at work delivering God’s message (and enjoying working from home)
  • The donkey will still travel to Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary to find that there is no room for them in the inn (which has been ordered closed for the pandemic)
  • The shepherds are still in the fields (and their bedrooms)
  • AND, Christ is born!

Please, come join us for this premiere of the “Pandemic Pageant” this Sunday, December 20th at 9 am on the All Saints’ Facebook page. For those of you new to this – Fear not!- For unto you this day in the city of Chicago a link has been given at the bottom of this message. You don’t need any special account (Facebook or otherwise) to join – just click here.

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Polly Tangora
Coordinator for All Saints’ Youth and Children’s Programs