Dear Friends,

Earlier this week, I read a post on Facebook that went something like this: “Does anyone else feel the urge to call the radio stations that are playing ‘songs of the season’ and ask, “Where are the Advent songs?’” My first impulse was to immediately hit “like” and launch my usual tirade about no Christmas in the Season of Advent. Yes, Dear Friends, I was a staunch believer that, as the commercial world barreled full-speed ahead with Christmas, here, there, and everywhere we as a church were called to be counter-cultural and keep as best we can the Season of Advent. This year, however, as the Advent nights grow longer, darker, and much more cold, our neighbourhood’s twinkling lights are not evoking a sense of Advent rage, but rather a deep peace and sense of comfort that indeed the Lord is nigh. Perhaps that is one of the benefits of allowing oneself to steep in a season as we at All Saints’ do with the extended Advent. This extra time allows us to embrace fully a season pregnant with promise and possibility. So bring it on: in the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Comfort, comfort my people,” as we “prepare the way of the Lord,” complete with “candles in the window and carols at the spinet.”

This Sunday, as we celebrate the 5th Sunday in the Season of Advent, we invite you to join us for Advent Lessons and Carols, a time to pause and reflect on this great season as our hearts and minds turn to Bethlehem. Our celebration will include poetry and scripture and song.  

I feel that this is a great time to thank all the members of our Choir and musicians, who for months now have tirelessly worked to practice and record music for our Sunday celebrations. Their dedication to both their craft and their ministry has always been a great source of joy and inspiration for me, as I am sure it is for all of you. ‘Thank you’ hardly seems to capture the depth of my – and, I am sure, your – gratitude for the wonderful folks in our Music Ministry.

Thank you also to the Kasten family for helping to brighten our Advent nights and bring a bit of light and hope to the corner of Hermitage and Wilson!!!

I look forward to being with you all on Sunday morning and joining our hearts and voices across the ether as we continue this great Advent journey and together “prepare the way of the Lord.”

Advent Peace,

J. Colin Collette
Director of Music Ministry