Don’t skip the cross. Easter is coming.

Dear Friends,

Today we contemplate the mystery of the cross.

It reminds us how we fall short, how we fail. It is a reminder of death and pain, shame and vulnerability. A reminder of all that is wrong in our lives and in the world.

We might rather skip this day and head straight to Easter. The world certainly does, preferring springtime hope and cuddly bunnies.

But the cross also promises us that we have a God who knows suffering and is with us in it. That, no matter how deep our pain, we are never alone.

So, don’t skip the cross.

For the cross tells us that despite ourselves, despite the worst that we or the world offers, God can do more. God in Jesus took in all the worst–our pain, our selfishness, our sorrow, our cruelty–and transformed it, declaring us free and forgiven, changing our pasts and our futures with this universe-altering act of forgiveness and love.

We don’t want to look at the cross. But it’s the only hope we have.

Today, gaze upon the cross and allow your heart to be broken open, just as God’s heart and Son were broken on the cross.

And, then, come Easter, you’ll be ready.

Faithfully, Suzanne+