Entering the slower pace of Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

After a few months of intense worship—the long contemplation of Lent, the intensity of Holy Week, the resurrection joy of Eastertide, and the mystery and exuberance of Pentecost and Trinity/Youth Sunday—we are entering into what some refer to as “Ordinary Time.” The color for this season is green because this is an ordinary season of growing in faith after all the dramatic seasons and events that come before it. 

I love all the seasons but am always relieved when we come to the slower pace of Ordinary Time with a quieter, shorter service and time to reflect on the daily movement and teachings of Jesus.

This green season, we will experiment with some changes to Sunday morning. You’ll note that more of the service is said, there will be a little more quiet, Church School is on break, and we will use a contemporary version of the Lord’s Prayer.

You’ll also notice that we are experimenting with our bulletins. For the last nine months, we’ve used full-content bulletins—every word of the liturgy, every reading, all the hymns have been in the bulletin. This is a lovely thing—it means no juggling of bulletins and books and is friendly to new folks. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive! 

So, this summer we’re trying a new format—a new bulletin each week but without the full text of the readings and hymns. If you want the full text of the readings, there will be some copies available from the ushers. And, of course, you could always bring your Bible! You will need to pick up the blue 1982 Hymnal and the red LEVAS (Lift Every Voice and Sing); hymns not in those hymnals will be in the bulletin.

As we try out some new ways of doing things, please do share your experience with us! And though we are in Ordinary Time for a long stretch, remember that this community and our God are anything but ordinary.

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+