Hear about the covenants God makes with us.

Dear Friends,

Lent is a time for humility, for acknowledging our brokenness, where we’ve fallen short, and then to turn our hearts again to God. That sounds like a lot of effort, doesn’t it? And, in some ways, I’m not really sure it’s the right image. 

This year we have a special focus on covenants and each week we hear about the covenants God makes with us, which we find impossible to live into, so God tries again, with a another covenant. Courtney preached beautifully about this last Sunday. 

With each covenant we learn that no matter how we fall short, our God is faithful. With each covenant we learn that even when we turn away, God is always longing after us, calling to us. 

That’s a scriptural truth, part of our story as Christians, but it might not seem so apparent in our daily lives, and, yet, I know for certain that God is calling each one of us, is luring us on towards God, towards the Holy. I have invited a number of people recently to consider how in the past few days they have felt the tug of God, felt a slight turning in themselves towards God, or had an experience of the Holy, of God. Every single person can point to such a moment, sometimes multiple moments when invited to sit quietly and reflect on the work of God in their lives.

Turning to God doesn’t require a Herculean effort because it is God who is doing all the work!

But God is often quieter than the noisiness of our lives, so to hear God, to feel God, requires that we slow down for a bit, get quiet, reflect. After all, “God’s first language is silence” as the mystic St. John of the Cross wrote.

So, Beloved, in this Lenten time (well, in any time!) I invite you to take a few minutes (really, three minutes is enough time) of silence to reflect on how our faithful God is calling to you.

Faithfully, Suzanne+