Here we are: the BAKE AUCTION!

Dear Friends, 

Well, here we are: the BAKE AUCTION! Please come on Sunday prepared to be generous—we will have fabulous cookies and cakes and more. Even your humble rector—no baker—has baked a cake (with some help from a friend).

We have had relationships with folks in South Sudan for decades, and those relationships have led to other relationships, which means we help lots of individuals and organizations now. You can read all about the Bake Auction below, including information about our partners in Africa. 

This is an amazing, long-term effort here at All Saints; it was one of the events that inspired Tracey and me to join All Saints decades ago, and your generosity continues to inspire me! 

Less inspiring was our experience with some hackers this past week; I HATE that any of you got fake texts asking you for money, preying on your generous natures. We have an article below that provides some more details. 

Luckily, most of you saw through these phishing attempts, but I hope that experience won’t make  us cynical. In fact, let’s use our money to help people who truly need our generosity—see you on Sunday!

Faithfully, Suzanne+