Hopes dwell in our hearts.

Dear Friends,

We turn suddenly, swiftly, from the time of feasting and harvest to a time of quiet and reflection, a time of pondering and yearning. 

If you will forgive my hubris for a moment, I think there are some things the Episcopal Church does very, very well. Our funerals are spectacular, balancing solemnity and celebration, recognizing sorrow while offering resurrection hope, all couched in the beautiful language of the prayer book. We also observe Advent very well, giving the season its due without merely turning it into an on ramp to Christmas. 

Advent is a jewel box of a season, beautiful and brief. This year our four Advent Sundays our especially precious as the last Sunday of Advent transforms into Christmas Eve at sundown.

I am not so naïve as to think our lives will become suddenly peaceful and contemplative in this season. For those of you with children or those who are teachers, this is an especially busy time of year. For all of us, there is much to do; it can be easy to just sort of miss this lovely time.

But perhaps we can all focus on yearning . . . . What are your longings? What are your hopes? What do you want so much you can barely dare to admit it? 

Advent is a season of yearning, and we all have time to let those yearnings dwell in our hearts. We yearn for the kingdom to come, for the child in the manger, for the Prince of Peace to bring the peace that passes all understanding, we search for the light as the days grow darker, we long for hope when all around us seems hopeless. Let those yearnings rise in you as prayer, creating a space for Christ.

Blessed Advent, Friends. See you in church.

Faithfully, Suzanne+

P. S. If this is a time when good works would be encouragement for your spirit and balm for your soul, please consider volunteering with other members of All Saints at the RCS Mobile Food Pantry next Saturday. Click the Newsletter button below.