Dear Friends,

We face an interesting dilemma next week: Valentine’s Day or Ash Wednesday? Intimate gourmet dinner or fasting? Chocolates or ashes? Celebration of romantic love or reminder of our mortality? 

I’m sure you know what I’d recommend! 

But before then, we celebrate the last Sunday after the Epiphany when Jesus goes up the mountain with Peter, James, and John and is transfigured before them. God’s voice booms out, as at Jesus’ baptism–“This is my Son!”–but instead of following that with words to Jesus (“with you I am well pleased”), God gives a command to the witnesses: “Listen to Him.” 

Listen to Him. That is for those on the mountaintop and for us. That is a word for us as we enter Lent and acknowledge how we’ve fallen short and our need to turn again to God. That is the way we allow God to work in our everyday lives and in our life together at All Saints: Listen to Him, then follow where he leads. 

Looking for ways to do that? Click the button below for some Lent-specific ideas as well as opportunities to serve both inside the church and our larger community, including a conversation about how God is calling us to “make good trouble” in our neighborhood.

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+