News from the Week of September 4, 2022

Dear Friends, 

As we approach Labor Day and the start of our program year, I want to give a shout out to my great colleagues, all of whom are creative, fun, and “all in.” There’s been a lot of change in staff at All Saints this year: new Rector, new Associate Rector, and new Director of Operations. Thank goodness there has also been stability in our Music Director and Building Manager, not to mention so many of our lay leaders!

I am so grateful for Colin, his intuitive good sense and great knowledge about liturgy, his generous hospitality in inviting people into singing and worship (and in feeding us at events), and the joy that pours out from him as he conducts the choir, but especially when he turns to all of us in the pews to help us sing out.

Courtney has quickly become indispensable, gamely leading All Saints while I was away, becoming a great partner as we share leadership of various areas and consult with one another, and always bringing her large vision for what church can be.

Luis always makes time for our building needs and seems to know something about everything, maintaining a calm, kind demeanor, no matter what crazy emergency or request pops up. 

And Edward, still new at All Saints, has brought a calm spirit, keen sense of organization, and a razor-sharp wit (and love and knowledge of, well, so many things but especially art, music, and theater). 

We are fortunate to work in a good place with good people, even if chaos occasionally reigns as we try to do “all the things.” My prayer this Labor Day for all workers is just pay, great benefits, the right to rest, and time for creativity. And I pray that each one of you reading this knows the joy of getting to work with great people.