Dear Friends, 

Here we are at Labor Day Weekend, our last hurrah for summer, and I hope you will find some time to rest from your labors and enjoy a walk, perhaps a swim, a good book read outside, and time with friends and/or family. Perhaps you might find time, too, to meditate on the gift of labor unions who gave us the 40-hour work week and on the beautiful idea of Sabbath, the idea that all creation, even the Creator, has need of rest and refreshment. 

This weekend always feels a bit like the pause before the start of a race, that moment before the buzzer signals or the whistle is blown, runners and swimmers poised at the starter’s block, coiled with energy, ready to explode into action. That’s how it feels here at church! All you have to do is skim the following newsletter to see just how much we’ve got planned in upcoming weeks: Hymns in the Courtyard this Wednesday, Sunday school begins on September 10, Start Up Sunday with parish photo on September 17, Parables at the Annex starts September 20, and that’s just the beginning! Please take time to read the articles below to see all that is going on at All Saints.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, I hope to see you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+