Revel in the goodness of all creation.

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Easter, is known as Good Shepherd Sunday. Each year at this time we hear scripture and sing hymns that point to this reality, that both Jews and Christians know God not only as powerful and holy, Lord and king, but also as a humble shepherd who goes after lost sheep, comes after us when we go astray and when wolves threaten us. 

The Good Shepherd is at the heart of our children’s formation, which after all is known as The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. 

And the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is the earliest physical image used by Christians, found in the catacombs where Christians gathered to pray.

There are many images for God of course, but I wonder how my, how your, prayer life and relationship to God and to one another might change if we focused on God as loving shepherd? 

How might our relationship with the more-than-human world change if we remembered that we, too, are beloved animals, sometimes stubborn, sometimes lost sheep?

Come consider all of this on Sunday when we worship together with a focus on Earth Day and how our faith calls us to be embodied and in solidarity with, rather than dominion over, all creation.

Then join us on Monday for a light supper followed by a talk by our own Terry DeLisio—“The Sacramental Imagination, Baptism, and Creation Care.” Dinner at 6:30 pm; talk at 7:00 pm. See below for more information. You can RSVP for the dinner HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy advent of Spring when we revel in the goodness of all creation! See you in church.

Faithfully, Suzanne+