Dear Friends, 

I am writing this on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and have a jumble of thoughts in my head: 

  • the JOY of this past Sunday when many folks who have moved away came back for a visit and worshipped with us, we sang a rousing version of “Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to see the King,” and then we welcomed nearly 30 people into the rectory for a lunch to help our newer members learn more about All Saints. 
  • The SADNESS of learning that yet another shooting had taken place in the early hours of Sunday. After trying to absorb the the hard news earlier last week of students shot at UVA by a fellow student, it felt like a real blow to learn that someone had targeted LGBTQ folks, especially in a space designed to be safe for queer folks.
  • The ANTICIPATION of gathering with good friends for a Thanksgiving feast and of starting the “new year” this Sunday with the first Sunday of Advent as we enter a quiet, meditative time.

Perhaps you, too, know what it is to be in a “jumble”—of experiences, of emotions. When I feel like that, well, the best thing I know to do is to gather with others at church. 

So, Dear Ones, I hope you get some time with those you love and some time for laughter, and I hope to see you in church as we begin a new year, remembering again the promises of the One who came all those years ago and anticipating the time when history will be all in all, when the highs and lows of joy and sadness give way to the steadiness of peace.

Faithfully, Suzanne+