Spicy Annual Meeting is coming!

Dear Friends, 

We’re just a little over a week out from Hot Ones: The All Saints Annual Meeting

Things are going to get spicy as our host interviews folks from All Saints after first asking them to try a hot wing. As the meeting continues, the hot sauce gets hotter! In between, we’ll hear about our finances, from how we ended 2022 to the vestry-approved 2023 budget, from a new gifts acceptance policy to a shift in how we approach investments (you have to be there for the unveiling of the name!). We’ll consider an amendment to our two-year-old bylaws, and we’ll elect new members to the Vestry and delegates to Diocesan Convention and thank those who have served on Vestry and now get retire. The big question of the meeting: who will be the challenger for Co-Warden this year (Baby Yoda and Mary Berry have decided NOT to run this year). And of course we’ll celebrate another year together at All Saints!

The All Saints Annual Meeting is one of the High Holy Days in our parish, so you don’t want to miss it. This year, we’re back in person! But we also have an online option, so you can Zoom in, too. Either way, you’ll be able to hear all the reports, see the slide shows, and vote. Unfortunately, if you’re on Zoom you’ll have to bring your own snacks.

So, please clear your schedule for NEXT Sunday morning, attend church at 8 am or 9 am—you don’t want to miss outgoing Co-Warden John Williams’ sermon!—and mingle and snack at 10 am and then attend the meeting in the parish hall or online at 10:30. 

Look for an email midweek that will have the Rules of Order, the candidates for Vestry and to be Diocesan Convention delegates, and information about the Budget discussion on Wednesday.

In this season after the Epiphany, we focus on how people recognize Jesus as sent from God, how God is revealed in the world. What better way to celebrate that than by gathering together as the Body of Christ and celebrating the ways in which we, together, experience the Holy at All Saints?

See you in Church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+

P.S. If you have NO ideas what Hot Ones is, you can watch it on YouTube. Just search for it and enjoy!