Take time to pause, watch, and pray

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday morning, staff from ReVive Center for Housing and Healing picked up 55 boxes filled with gifts, including 45 stockings stuffed by our Church School children, for 24 families! Our deepest gratitude to the 26 All Saints families who participated in this annual event, and to Jacqueline WayneGuite who again solicited volunteers, made assignments, and assured we all got everything to the church on time.

And then on Wednesday evening, 18 of us gathered in the Parish Hall for our first night of Lectio Divina, reading and praying from Isaiah 11:1-10, this Sunday’s first reading. We spent time intentionally slowing down, reading aloud thoughtfully and prayerfully, sharing what struck us in the reading, what questions arose, and how we saw God in the passage. It was a quintessential All Saints day framed by service and prayer.

The season of Advent invites us to slow down, to pay attention, and to see God’s presence among us, perhaps in places not noticed before. In the midst of all that keeps us busy and rushing from thing to thing, take some time to pause, watch, and pray this season. 

Join us on Sunday as Colin preaches and our choir sings one of my favorite anthems, “On That Holy Mountain.” I look forward to our continued journey together during this season of Advent.

All my best,