Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear Friends, 

What an amazing Annual Meeting we had! We had over 80 people in the room and 35 people online, mouths were delighted with all the treats and aflame with hot wings, and joy overflowed as we voted, heard about our financials, learned about the Phoenix Fund, reviewed the past year and looked toward the next one.

We elected great Vestry members and Diocesan Convention Delegates: Congratulations to Co-Warden Katrina Kasten; Vestry members John DuFour, Craig Maki, and Skip Yates; and Delegates Lynn Bowers, Annie Logue, and Jennifer Reft!

Treasurer Margaret Ferguson gave a clear accounting of our 2022 financials and the amazing news of your great generosity and why we decided to have a (slight) deficit budget for 2023. John Williams unveiled our Phoenix Fund, formerly known as “the endowment,” which we hope to protect and grow and use to take care of our long-term capital (aka the buildings!) needs.

If you missed the meeting, see below for links to various documents, including the Annual Report. You can also go to our website to watch videos from the meeting, though they might not get posted for another day.

I can’t thank enough all those who organized and hosted (Jack Garland in a bald cap goading people into eating hotter and hotter wings must be seen to be believed) the Annual Meeting, those who organized good food and drink and decorations, and those who made sure the Annual Report and slide show looked great—thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is a church like no other, and I am grateful. See you on Sunday! 

Faithfully, Suzanne+