Dear Friends,

Thank you for showing up for our all-parish meeting on Zoom last Monday and for taking time to vote on our two resolutions: one to take a loan to pay our balloon payment on 4546 due to the diocese and one to take a loan to pay off our line of credit on the rectory. Well, the votes are in, and 141(!) of you voted, easily passing both resolutions (100% voted “yes” on the 4546 resolution; 98.5% voted “yes” on the Rectory resolution).

Our next step is to go to the Standing Committee (sort of like the Vestry for the Diocese) next week, share that our parish has approved the resolutions, and ask them to approve our taking these loans. It is required of parishes to get permission from the diocese before selling their property or taking mortgages on that property. We’ll let you know the results of our meeting next Friday!

But before then, I hope to see you this Sunday. We’re going to have a great time supporting our Mexico Outreach Ministry as we hear from Padre Bayron in a video greeting and have a quick fundraiser at a fun coffee hour with a piñata and delicious homemade Mexican food. See you church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+