The Bishop is coming to All Saints!

Dear Friends,

The Bishop is coming! 

And we are in a flurry of activity preparing for her visit! 

Many have participated in conversations and classes to prepare to be confirmed or received into The Episcopal Church. Others have been cleaning and neatening and straightening so we look good. Record books are being updated. Choir members are practicing.

It’s wonderful to welcome the Bishop, the chief pastor of the Diocese, especially for the first time. The Right Reverend Paula Clark is a wonderful human and bishop, and we’ve waited a long time to welcome her to All Saints. 

We will begin our visit at the 9 am service when we welcome Bishop Paula with a seating rite and she will celebrate the Eucharist. Afterwards Paula will visit the Atrium to meet with our children and leaders and then meet with the 21 people to be confirmed or received during the 11 am service. At the 11 am service, Paula will preside, preach, and confirm and receive.

Because of the size of our diocese, official Episcopal (bishop) visits can only happen every two to three years, so we’re squeezing all we can out of this Sunday!

Please come to meet Paula and to celebrate with our crew of folks (from age 13 to age 75) who are making public professions of faith. 

As a side note, our Gospel this Sunday completes the fifteenth chapter of John, which we began last week, and continues to urge us to abide (dwell, rest) in God’s love. Jesus then goes further to tell his disciples (and us) that he now calls us “friends.” Is there anything lovelier than to imagine yourself the friend of God?

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+