The Feast of Pentecost is upon us!

Dear Friends,

The great feast of Pentecost is upon us! This is the day we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus promises will comfort us, come alongside us, making us into a community, a church, Christ’s body on earth. It’s a bit of a funny thing to suggest that the Holy Spirit “arrives” at some point since we know She has always been active! Called Sophia and Wisdom, the breath of God, throughout Hebrew Scriptures, She appears at Jesus’ baptism.

Now, true confession: I’m no Pneumatologist (scholar of the Holy Spirit), but one of the joys of our faith is knowing that the Spirit is always with us. God is not distant but active in the world, in our lives, always and right now.

That is why we can discern where God is calling us, individually, as a community, NOW, in this time and context. I can forget sometimes to stop, look, and listen for God’s presence, but what a gift to remember that we are not alone! And the more we look for how the Holy Spirit is at work in the world and in one another, the more aware we become that God is with us, luring us, nudging us, on.

So, how is the Holy Spirit moving in your life? Where do you see the Holy Spirit moving at All Saints? I’d love to hear.

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+