There will be awe & wonder.

Dear Friends,

After an exciting but somewhat breathless spring, I confess I’m relieved to be entering the more relaxed season after Pentecost, called “Ordinary Time” in some churches. While I love the drama of Lent and Holy Week and the joy of the Easter season, we live most of our lives in ordinary time, the day in and day out of work and school, laundry and grocery shopping, family life and small pleasures like cookouts.

Years ago I read Ordinary Time: Cycles in Marriage, Faith, and Renewal by Nancy Mairs, which made a deep impression on me. In this book, Mairs, Catholic feminist and searingly honest writer, explores how her faith waxes and wanes and interacts with her marriage, beset by problems like all marriages, social justice activism, living with MS, and more. I think of it every time we transition into these seasons that are sort of “after” or “between” big seasons and remember to look for God, to rest in God, not only in times of great joy or great sadness, but also–especially?–in the mundane and daily, for the Holy is there, too.

This Sunday, though, is anything but ordinary as we contemplate the Trinity as we do every year the first Sunday after Pentecost. I promise there will be no complicated diagrams or metaphors attempting to explain the Trinity, but there will be awe and wonder!

See you in church!

Faithfully, Suzanne+