This calls for cake!

Dear Friends,

I write to you covered in flour as I prepare for our All Saints Bake Auction! Even a baking novice like me cannot resist the siren call of one of the great annual events of our church, truly a high holy day! 

Who can resist the creative efforts, the valiant attempts, the glories of the Bake Auction? Every year, there is at least one surprise as a new baker enters the competition, there is at least one upset as parishioners flash their auction paddles, vying for the same cake. Every year, our children learn the art of upselling cookies and reveal the heart of this community towards generosity. What drama in just one hour!

So, I join all of you in trying to offer something delicious for the auction and in eyeing my bank account to see just how high a bid I can offer this year, and I do that because there is nothing so life-affirming and joyous as watching our community come together for a common purpose: working to bake something great and then turning around to spend a lot of money buying someone else’s bake, all to raise money for our friends in South Sudan and neighboring countries. What a sweet hour our bake auction is–hilarious and joyful and poignant. I can hardly wait!

Faithfully, Suzanne+