We are more than getting things done

Dear Friends

After Colin’s beautiful letter last week, I’m newly aware of how busy we can get in our jobs, with our families, and here at All Saints! I have a predilection towards busyness, feeling like I’m “Getting Things Done,” checking off boxes on my to-do list. I’m not proud of this tendency, though I recognize I’m not alone. Busyness, a strong work ethic, what some are now calling “internalized capitalism” even, have a long history in our country. 

But you know what they aren’t? Christian. 

Nope. Christianity values Sabbath, people over profit, noticing beauty more than being efficient. Our faith celebrates inviting everyone—EVERYONE—to the party: insider and outsider, rich and poor, scintillating conversationalist and awkward wallflower. Our faith longs for each of us to flourish, whether you show up at work at 6:00am or 4:30pm. After all, remember those workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16)?

So, the busyness. Well, yes, there are a number of things going on at All Saints, many things on the horizon. Open House Chicago tours happen this Saturday and Sunday. Our Pledge Campaign kicks off this Sunday. The RCS Spirits of Ravenswood Fundraiser promises to be a blast next Friday. All Saints’ Day flags will flutter overhead in just a few weeks.

All of those things are lovely, and I hope to see you at any or all of them. But I also hope that you’ll take a walk along the lake or drive down DuSable Lake Shore Drive and enjoy our gorgeous city on a crisp autumn day. I hope you’ll laze about for an hour or more and read a great novel (I’m almost finished with Elena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults—Wow!). I pray you’ll waste some time staring into space as you drink your tea or stay up too late laughing with friends.

Jesus told us that he came that we might have life and have it abundantly. That’s what God wants for each one of us—for you, for me. The busyness will wait.

Faithfully, Suzanne+