The word to describe music at All Saints’ is “eclectic.” A typical Sunday service might involve singing a hymn from the 16th century, a contemporary Spanish Alleluia, listening to a popular song and thinking about how its message relates to how God is working in our lives, rocking out to Black Gospel music, having meditative piano music lead us into prayer and listening to a Bach fugue played on the organ.

We explore songs from cultures other than our own, while also providing attention to the rich musical heritage of the Anglican tradition. Most importantly, we are a singing congregation. Music here at All Saints’ is firmly grounded in our shared song- the song of all of God’s people gathered. Our choirs and other musicians work to enrich our singing and offer specially prepared and rehearsed music to make our common prayer a rich and beautiful experience.


Singers of all sorts, from professional musicians to those whose singing is confined to the shower, are welcome to participate in our choirs. 

Adult Choirs

There are also opportunities for singers to participate in small ensembles, sing solos and serve as Cantors (singing the verses of Psalms and leading other music during the service).


We regularly make use of instruments of all kinds in our worship services- drums, flute, guitar, piano, organ, shruti box, didgeridoo, you name it. If you play an instrument and you’d like to make music in church, there’s an opportunity for you here at All Saints’. In fact, we’d love to have a whole band that could play on a regular basis.

Currently instrumentalists rehearse on an as-needed basis, so scheduling is very flexible.

Rehearsal and Service Schedules

The choir for the 9AM service currently rehearses at 8am on Sunday mornings in the Parish Hall. A midweek rehearsal for all of of our singers, but particularly for the choir that sings at the 11AM service, takes place on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm in the Church. Additionally, the choir for the 11AM service rehearses on Sunday mornings at 10:15AM just prior to the 11AM service.

If you want to sing here at All Saints’ and none of these rehearsal times work for you, don’t despair. Let’s be in touch to talk about other options. There are plenty of additional opportunities and we’re open to creative scheduling to allow as many people as possible to participate. 

Now is the time to make music!

There’s plenty of room for everyone to make music at All Saints’, so now is the time to add your musical talent to the rich and diverse tapestry of music we hope to weave as part of our worship. Please contact our Director of Music, Colin Collette, via the link below to let him know how you’re interested in participating. If you prefer to call, you can also reach Colin at 773-561-0111.

Join our Music Ministry